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A Way Out

So friends, now is the time to start in the right earnest to clean up our act as well as our mother earth from the mess ,we have been guilty of creating ourselves. Have a look at the city dumping grounds which are literally bursting at the seams or for that matter, at the oceans surface taken from satellites ,we will see, large surface area covered with plastic, polybags pet bottles and all.We just can’t go on thinking, what to do? What I can possibly do to stop it any further?Do a lone effort really matter? But friends, drops of water indeed go on to fill up a pail, a pond ,a river, than an ocean. We must give it a real try!
The sight of so much polybags we bring into our homes along with the the bought articles ,genuinely fill my heart with untold guilt pangs. The shopkeepers and street side vendors seems to have no qualms in providing extra carry bag,mostly on our insistence.They might be unaware of the repercussion but we’re not yet we do it with great impunity. When government is shirking its responsibility to ban them we must take the cudgel to rectify it. How? You see, if we neatly fold them after offloading the articles it contains ,and keep them in our shopping bags, in the bags of office going members of the family and ofcourse in our vanity bags ,we can easily reuse them in our next shopping spree. No matter, impromptu, while returning from office or other work, or a planned expedition, the supply of polybags will always remain with us, we could offer them to the sellers for stuffing the purchased articles. Can you imagine how much polybags would be prevented from circulation, what say?
Now, the topic of discarded one time use PET bottles for packaged drinking water and the plastic cutlery we are offered with our ordered foods in the restaurants. How about carrying a spare water bottle, a spoon and a fork in the bags we happen to carry that too,without fail, as water filters are available in most public places we can fill up our respective bottles as per our convenience, and use our own cutlery for eating the ordered food irrespective of which place you are.
I do realize ,that the above steps are quite bothersome if not impossible to follow. If we are determined than it would soon become a habit We would automatically put these articles in our carry bags as we prepare to go out,as we tend to do with our mobiles, laptops , car keys and so on.
In the beginning there is a possibility that you may be laughed at but do remain stubbornly unfazed, people around you would come round eventually, or they might follow suit. Because,…where there’s will there is a way! Do start now I shall be waiting for your feedbacks. So don’t forget to oblige me with them. Adieu for now

— Mousumi Mukherjee.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

7 thoughts on “A Way Out

  1. Great blog post! An even better idea would be to use a cloth bag to carry items in and not accepting a plastic bag from retailers. During the COVID-19 virus however, so many retailers are not allowing this, unfortunately. But after the pandemic is over, this is a wonderful option.

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