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Calling the Chinese Bluff.

The nefarious and sinister designs, the diabolic China currently implementing on India and the world at large is so obvious and in your face that a novice in the matter could comprehend what it is upto. After building up a relentless campaign of a formidable military and economic might, now it is readying itself to rule the roost and create a hegemonistic terror among the countries which it considers as an impingement on its aim to become the lone super power by hook or by crook. After bringing the entire world on its knees by unleashing the wrath of Covid 19 , it feels, now is the time. The iron is hot,bring it to blows and mould it according to the plan hatched by it’s rulers. That is to arm twist the world into submission without incurring major military or economic losses. It is quite plain to the eye that it is pursuing its goal rather aggressively and assiduously. Should the world allow it to go on in it’s catastrophic marches. Never ever, because then it would mean victory of evil over good and conscientious.
After leaving Europe and America reeling over the Corona crisis and ensuing economic fallout, the UN practically rendered tooth less, China has now started to browbeat it’s neighbors to fall in line. Killing 20 Indian soldiers ìn Galwan valley, forcing Security laws down the throat of Hong Kong ,encroaching the islands under jurisdiction of Japan, Taiwan , bullying each and everyone in South China Sea, inciting logistic countries like Nepal, Bhutan , somewhat Bangladesh and of course Pakistan, against India,threatening countries like Australia with economic sanctions are all the telltale indications for the world to see and ponder upon and make a suitable, collective and immediate strategy to contain the marauding China. It has indeed successfully built a terror inducing image of a fierce dragon one would think twice to mess with.
The need of the hour is, the world specially, India, to call it’s bluff and to show it the mirror. I will give you two examples. The first is of actor Sanjeev Kumar in the movie, Pati Patni aur Woh, in which he was advised by his friends in the beginning of his marriage to actress Vidya Sinha, to hold the bridle over his wife tightly and started to order her about and to do his bidding immediately, threatening with the word, do it now or else?!His wife tried her level best to satisfy him, in the process she was getting exasperated and exhausted. Then one day, after being ordered by him to give hot water for him to bath, she cried foul and called him out, she wouldn’t comply, else what? Now the husband instantly fell in line and replied meekly that he would bathe in cold water. Here you can easily relate the husband to China and the wife to any other hapless country . My next example is the famous India-Australia cricket rivalry during the time of our own Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting. The Australians under him were quite infamous for playing mind games and resorted to sledging in order to terrorize and rile up their adversaries. It was in fact paying them rich dividends but Sourav was first to call their bluff and decided to pay them in their own coin, he and his teammates began to sledge them back. The much reviled monkey gate crisis between Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds ensued. In consequence their invincible image got a beating and subsequently got vanquished in their hand.So friends, no need to say who’s who!
We must stand forcefully and determinedly against the evil designs of China then only it would realise its folly. With the unabated agression on Indian territories in Laddakh and elsewhere, stooping to salami slicing tactics , it has indeed awakened a sleeping tiger. Its time for India to pull its act together and confront them resolutely with all our might .If they’re powerful then we’re not far behind, we have the capability to inflict far reaching damages to China. Because God helps those who help themselves . Remember at the end it is always the victory of good over evil. Be confident and let’s fightback.
Adieu for now- Mousumi Mukherjee


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

11 thoughts on “Calling the Chinese Bluff.

    1. This is fact, most of the time the bully goes on intimidating you by just building a hoax, terrifying image of itself. We must be intelligent and tactful ways to beat the enemy in its own game.

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