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Hail the PM.

This afternoon when I switched on the news channel, the sight of our Prime Minister striding along the helipad of Nimu, Laddakh, made me thrilled and surprised which is precisely what, he intended to produce among Indian citizens and to the world at large. The dashing personality he presented and the speech he gave was certainly a moral booster, no doubt, not only for our military but us all. The surprise element was phenomenal, the presence of PM Modi in the front line was clear signal to our adversaries like China and Pakistan that we’re not dithering and know quite well how to grab the bull by its horn. We don’t baulk from looking the enemy into its eye .
In today’s warfare stratagems, mind games, plays a crucial role, and our PM has certainly gone one step ahead in establishing himself as a man firmly in control on the saddle, which I was emphasizing in my earlier blog. The move has naturally succeeded in sending unambiguous message to who ever it may concern that we’re not running away from taking bolder steps as per the need. He very aptly mentioned Lord Krishna in his speech addressing the army men, saying that Sri Krishna liked to sway the world with his fascinating flute but at the time of emergency, never shirked from taking up the Sudarsan Chakra to vanquish the evil.
History is the proof that lndia was never the aggressor but she is not going to tolerate the unprovoked aggression and that too, amidst the world grappling the pandemic spread from Wuhan. Such brutal killing of twenty Indian soldier was totally uncalled for and we have to make sure that the perpetrators are not going to get away easily. They must learn once and for all, that India means business and brook no excess or injustice meted out to her by any one.The 1.3 billion people of the nation and many more living abroad are strongly and determinedly behind our leader and ready to go to any length to assuage any harm done to her self. The banning of Chinese apps like Tiktok, stopping the Chinese investments, scrapping big government contracts and screwing up the flow Chinese imports are indeed the right step in the direction to hit them economically as hard as we could. We have to inflict as much damage to the enemy where it hurts most, if some of it below the belt, so be it, as everything is fair in love and war.
Earlier, we had numerous times went soft on our enemies when they pleaded for mercy as in the case of Prithvi Raj Chouhan, we used to let them off the hook, and eventually backstabbed by them as Muhammad Ghori did. But not anymore, we should be decisive in tackling our present enemies. There is indeed a saying that we should not leave a single enemy go scot free, and crush the head of the snake by trampling down our feet, once and for all, so that it could never raise its head to bite us back in the future. No more beating around the bush. Wish power and perseverance to us.
Adieu for now- Mousumi Mukherjee.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

3 thoughts on “Hail the PM.

  1. Mousumi Ji it’s really hard situation at Ladakh. We prefor our soldiers and I think fight is not a good solution.


    1. The same kind of fear we had before our forces started retaliating against Pakistan, leste they use nuclear bombs against us. Didn’t our military gave them befitting reply. This fear of all out war, our present opponents are taking advantage of. War is as damaging to them as to us no matter how powerful they boast of themselves. If we get terrified by them, they would try to slice more land from us.


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