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The New Normal World Order.

The year 2020 is quite proving itself as a year of churning, dishevelling and upsetting everything that was normal before. All the world order, social customs and interactions have undergone a sea change Anything no longer the same again, the incorrigible Covid 19 has put paid to that. The entire world is clueless about how to contain it. More they are trying, more its spreading it’s tentacles over the mankind. After 4th July Independence day celebration in America the graph of Coronavirus infection seems to be alarmingly going northward, Australia has to close down the borders after a gap of 100 years, when it was stuck with Spanish flu, lockdown enforced in cities like Melbourne. Brazil and India are grappling with their 2nd and 3rd status in Covid infections, even the Brazilian President Bolsonaro has been diagnosed positive . This is indeed an unprecedented dilemma the world is facing. Surprisingly China has declared its Wuhan virus free more than a month ago while others were bracing for the havoc.
In the new normal scenario, it is China , playing absolutely truants . Instead of showing due empathy to the fellow victim countries or acknowledging the guilt of being the country of origin and the spreader one, it has simply decided to fish in muddy waters. The unprovoked border aggression over India is simply as uncalled for, as it’s antics in South China Sea and Hong Kong . Initially it has tried to don the mantle of a savior of the world from the pandemic but subsequently got rattled by the adverse world opinion on it’s substandard test kits , PPEs and medical masks and immediately changed its agenda, that’s to threaten the world into submission. Now the cases of Bubonic plague is getting itself manifested in a province of China. The world needs to be extremely wary of that ,should remain as much on its guard as it could.
All the countries of the world, facing the crisis require to be pragmatic in its approach as the virus is practically knocking every door steps. The tackling of the virus medically and simultaneously keep the economy from falling face down, seems to be a daunting task. No country is in a position to help the other one out because everyone is facing the same problem of their own. The best bet is to each find their own solution.
Unfortunately there is no past benchmark for the countries to fall back on , how to go about it. The scenario seems to be unparalleled in history. The pandemic like SARS, MERS have fizzled away after a point of time but Covid is showing no sign of abatement . All are pinning their eyes on the upcoming vaccine to the disease. Meanwhile we as citizens can try our best to boost our immunity and fight individually against the virus, persevering with our masks whenever we go out, sticking to the norms of social distancing. The use of mask should be followed by us on all costs since scientists are now indicating the virus could be airborne , that means it can linger as air droplets for a longer time in closed spaces. So we must be extra cautious in avoiding AC rooms filled with people as in offices. Factories and industries must provide better ventilated conditions for their workers.
Lets hope the mankind will get victorious eventually against Corona, very soon. We shall overcome!
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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