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The Old Normal Childhood

Hello friends, hope ,  all are bearing the consequences  of Covid 19, with fortitude, adjusting to the new normal with a practical, careful and positive outlook. There is a saying that if you can’t beat them,  join them,  yes,  we have to learn to live with the still indomitable and seemingly imperishable virus around for a fair  amount of time to come. If President Donald Trump donning a mask is not an indication then what it is! The coping mechanism of a young and impressionable children is not very hard to fathom, it appears  that their free and careless childhoods has been bound to the four walls of our houses and flats. It really should fill us, the grownups, with utmost remorse. Our previous thoughtless actions are to blame for the predicament children are finding themselves in, and yet,  no body knows the way out of this mess in near future. 
Their hopeless situation can be best interpreted by a simple incident I witnessed in an adjoining park, which was earlier used to be bustling with the noise and laughter of numerous children, which I always took for granted, but now, can vouch for how acutely I miss them after several rounds of lockdowns. The incident in question is about a five year old and his father during the official unlock 2, they had come one bright morning into the park,  the tiny tot was wearing a jersey like Tshirt and knee length socks, obviously pointing  towards his father’s aspiration of making a successful footballer out of him. After getting the required tips from the father, the child was going through the grind of a proper work out. My heart ached  to see the little one going through the motion as mechanically as he could, devoid of his heart or soul into it. For a little over half an hour the said exercise continued then both of them left. Most probably this was the quota of outdoor activity allowed to him for the day. Isn’t it absolutely pathetic,  we’re the  culprit of stifling their laughter, joy,  and the quintessential naughtiness and mischief,  for the circumstances created by us. Before the pandemic the scenario wasn’t very rosy for them as we parents were forcing the burden of our own aspirations and wishes down their throats, making them go through the rigors of school, tuitions,  coachings and so on, leaving them very little time to play to their heart’s content. Now they have  become  practically the animals confined in a zoo.
The irony of the situation is that the children are not complaining either. It is not hard to guess why?   Right, no matter which age group they belong to unless they know how to flex their fingers, most of them are heartily engrossed to their smartphones,  laptops, tablets or desktops  interacting in social media platforms, playing  video games or attending e-classes. They are utterly oblivious about their plight of being cooped in for months without any school, college or hang outs or the play times.They seem to have no qualms about their lack of physical exercise or banterings they have had  with their friends, because they are all doing it virtually!
I sometimes crave, can the children ever again go back to scouting adventures or climb the guava trees, gather the raw mangoes , green peas or tomatoes from the farms and relish them or play ‘gilli danda’ or ‘kho- kho’! The dream  seems to be rather farfetched. But when the horror of  pandemic behind us for good and old normal returns,  let’s take an oath, we shall try to retrieve the old normal childhood and restore them to the children.  They really deserve it, don’t they, to realise what they are missing out on.
Adieu for now. 


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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