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Exorcising the Corona Ghost.

Hello friends, the sun is rising and setting down but the new dawn, enlightening the mankind about the possible way out from the mess called Corona virus  infections, still looks elusive. A possible panacea is believed to be the vaccine,  the entire world seem to be running after, but that also not looks to come about anytime very soon. What to do? We just can’t any longer cease our selves down dreading it like a ghost, yes ghost,  what better word is there to describe it. Another apt example I saw in today’s Times of India edition was the snap of a snail on a razors edge, it is equally hurting balancing or proceeding back or forth, that is the situation of humans,  jokes aside,  we do have to find a way  forward instead of getting despondent any more.
The best possible role model to follow is the way of life of South Korean  and Japanese people, they didn’t opt for total lockdown,  went on with their daily lives, but resorting, at the same time, enough precautions to safeguard themselves from catching the infection. They strictly follow the personal discipline of abiding by the dos and don’ts, that is to wear masks,  gloves, follow social distancing disinfecting their place of work and home alike and also going extra mile to enhance their immunity  with home remedies. How ever much we tend to scoff on home remedies but indeed it work wonders if we do persevere with them. They them selves go on self quarantine getting a slightest whiff of the virus around them.
Do the above things are very tough to follow? No of course not. The inherent lack of discipline and patience, is pulling us down  again and again into the quagmire of pandemic. Yet we dogmatically failing to see reasons. There would be very few, whom  are ignorant of the necessity of adherence to above rules to keep themselves on the safer side, the well known defiance to flout the rules is coming as the roadblock on the way. We still feel it necessary to visit crowded bazaars or chat in  the roadside corner enjoying a cup tea and that in close proximity, without masks, running to catch the crowded bus, spitting in the public places with impunity without  any concern for hygiene.
I do acknowledge that most of the citizens trying their best to follow the dictat, it’s the few who don’t are giving the game away. A single loose end is allowing the virus to prowl on as much victim as they can lay their hands on, unprotected. I sincerely urge each and everyone  to follow the rules and stay from the harms. The desperate time need desperate measures,  where there  is will, there is a way. Stay safe and healthy.
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

3 thoughts on “Exorcising the Corona Ghost.

  1. Mousumi the bane of our society is indiscipline…the education…and the short memory…we refuse to learn and are always reluctant to follow orders..

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