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Love in the time of Corona

Its been more than five months the world is enmeshed in the web of Corona, and when we’re going to get over it for good is still not certain. In the written history of mankind, there isn’t any instance of all encompassing pandemic like we’re inflicted of right now. Not a single nook of the earth is spared from  its tentacles. The world is grappling with not only physiological but psychological and emotional consequences. People are puzzled.

What history do tell us that human race is the king of adaptation they eventually come round to every obstacle in their way, find a diversion and move forward. This crisis isn’t going to be any exception, man will emerge victorious , eventually. Its only the matter of when?

Meanwhile, what we common folks do? Just to keep our sanity intact and make the most out of the given situation. Keep on worrying is not going to solve the problem at hand but cool and calm introspection will. I am going to talk about  the relationship domain of the couples whether married or otherwise.

The relationships which were on steady keel have suddenly finding themselves on unsteady ground. All the previous routined and busy life of handling the workplace and home together has gone for a sea change. Work from  home,indefinitely closed schools and colleges and incessant lockdowns  are compelling families to spend a greater period of time in close proximity of each other.

What people earlier used to crave have been handed on a platter. Inevitably, after initial bonhomie,  the novelty of the situation has somewhat worn off. Each one seem to have started getting on the other’s nerve. Earlier either of the spouses would always had best of their behaviors and love for each other. Now the situation has turned itself on its face, forcing them to spend most of their times in closer confines of a home.

More time together means more masks to fall off the either faces! In modern times,  patience and perseverance is evidently scarce in mankind, they take very little time to call it quits rather than working on the relationship.
Quitting a relationship which was committed till death do them part, has become common place. The  reason behind it is utter disregard for the common cause. Today each is to it’s own,  fiercely self dependent and nursing a larger than life egos. Consequently no body is ready to ease their armour an inch  to accommodate the other one’s wishes and desires.
Why not take this situation as advantageous one and begin from the beginning to know each other better and show them sincerely that you do care for other half. Then only being better halves would ring true. Let the love, which had somewhat got faded in the vagaries called day to day life, blossom again. Use this enforced pause to rediscover each other which is indeed long over due as everyone seemed to be neck deep immersed in their respective careers. Leave the smartphones behind, spend some quality time, laugh and chat together over a cup of tea as one used to do in their courting days.   Forget  about the pandemic, make each other realize, the other half really matters. Don’t say anything rash which could dent the other  heart permanently.  If one do, say sorry immediately to retrieve the relationship and the bond build so assiduously. Don’t  let it go waste. Toast to love and companionship.  Stay  happy.
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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