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A Streetcar Named Desire.

Friends, on the auspicious birthday of Lord Krishna, we will discuss the two greatest enemies of humans as pointed out by Him, in Bhagavad  Gita, (third chapter).Yes, they are desire and anger. The desire  fills us with the boundless appetite to enjoy and relish the physical luxuries of life as much as we can, that means they cannot be sated, ever,  no matter  how much you try. When something or someone block it’s path,  we tend to get angry. Like the dust drapes the mirror and the womb covers the fetus, similarly the desire shrouds our intellect and sanity. If we become victim of our own series of endless desire , we will  always remain unhappy and unsatisfied and bouts of anger and jealousy would be our constant companion. If we’re ruled by the desires in life, our ability to steer our lives decisively and sanely would  go for a toss.

Suppose a man has a bicyle, his heart desires for a bike, when he eventually gets the bike,  it started craving for a four-wheeler. If by a stroke of good fortune, he managed to buy a 1000 cc. car, then subsequently his unquenchable desire would  coax him to upgrade to an SUV and last not the least a Lamborghini! In any of the above steps , in the quest for ultimate desire, he stumbles, the ensuing fretting,  sulking and anger would be the order of the day. He might be angry at his employing firm for not giving him enough remuneration or at his wife for not saving enough.  Along with the grouse he might feel inherently jealous, if his colleague  succeeded to upgrade before him. In the process he might resort to some unfair and illegal means which could thrust his set life into quandary.

In this web of desire he entirely forgets to live his life.  No matter how beautiful and understanding his wife is or how obedient and lovely, his children are, he would remain unsatisfied and unhappy.  He would unleash his anger of failure, to fulfill his desire, on his  hapless family making them unhappy too.His mind and heart is devoured by the fangs of desire turning him into a confused and lost soul.

A healthy and calibrated desire is never bad as it spurrs us to achieve something but when we tend to get overwhelmed by them, the problem starts at the earnest. One of the solution is to channelise our desires under our own command rather than  become enslaved by them. The second most essential aspect is to learn to be content with whatever we have achieved so far. Whatever we are out to acquire further, may come on its own sweet time. If  they eventually failed to show up, we may not be too bothered by them, then only we could be truly calm and blissfully happy. Contentment is the key to a happy and peaceful life.  We should aspire instead of desire  of something or someone. Learning to curb our unwanted and illogical desires should be the mantra for our inner peace and well-being.
Adieu for now.


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An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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