Dealing with the demon called anger.

Friends,  in my previous blog I discussed about the first of the three greatest enemies known to mankind, that is desire, now we emphasize on the anger part, then move on to jealousy. As our desire for something or someone make us crazy and obsessed the anger has the potential to reduce us to raving mad and blind at the same time. The origin of anger, if you mind, usually lay on the door of somebody or circumstance which block the path  of smooth fulfillment of our desires. One just go ballistics if find themselves thwarted or deprived of their favorite toy,  that is the object of  desire. Once someone gets angry, no matter arctic or volcanic in kind, it snatches the power of rationality and sanity and one tends to destroy everything around, the carefully nurtured relationship included.

From arctic anger I mean to say that, which doesn’t get manifested outwardly and the person seethes inside , the volcanic anger doesn’t need any explanation. Very rarely  one could vouch  for not being the actor or victim of the said detesting emotion. It’s all sound and fury. When a person is arctic angry,  he or she tends to destroy themselves rather than unleashing their fury on others, and a volcanic angry person would not think twice before singeing the people around them, ofcourse,  with their words and actions. An angry person immediately abandons the  thoughts of repercussions of their action on the receiving person or persons. They utter any number of filthy and hateful words before being spent themselves up and by then in the debris of relationships,  little is left to salvage.

Like a bullet,  the angry words spoken,  instantly and irrevocably dug deep into the heart of the directed person. No matter how hard you try to pacify yourself  afterwards,  the ugly image of the outburst would  remain with them forever. It may lead to breaking hearts beyond repair. If by chance some quick fix measures from the once angry person  does succeed to mollify  the receiving person, the stain of which would remain etched in their hearts, just like piecing together broken glass leaves a mark forever. God forbid if the receiving person becomes angry too then there would be duel to match. The relationship might reach the point of no return.

Thefore think twice before the embers of anger burn you and all around. Rehash the word missile you are gonna launch, in your mind again and again you could easily assess the aftermaths. If deal it in a rational way, you may soon realize that your anger was entirely misplaced or the person you are angry with, might be feeling genuinely sorry. One angry outburst may turn them billigerant and the swords are drawn. Sometime in a fit of anger the person becomes violent and might commit any crime, one never imagined to be capable of. The bottom line is, if you emerge victorious with your anger management you could avoid a lot of hurt feelings and unpleasant circumstances. Its always fair to protest when someone is in the wrong side, but do it sanely. There’s an old saying snake is also dead and the stick is not broken .
As a rejoinder I shall advise all to just look at the mirror when you’re really angry, the funnily contorted face of yourself will make you laugh and the anger will vanish. Jokes apart,  keep your  cool in any adverse circumstances you’resurely gonna find a way out without being angry and making others flustered in the process. Happy living. 
Adieu for now.

Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with the demon called anger.

  1. Well explained…
    It is always better to explain anger than to express it…but most of love to express…to shout ..specially if the anger is on a subordinate ..a junior .someone week….
    Regards ..

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