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My Day Out.

Hello friends its time to tell you how I enjoyed my open air freedom after such a long time, ofcourse it doesn’t match with the pre- pandemic liberties we were so used to take. The occasion was my son’s on centre All India Engineering Entrance Examination (Jee Main), which was held yesterday. I along with my husband and son reached the venue in Salt Lake, Kolkata, well in time with alot of trepidations and apprehensions due to Coronavirus. Debates can go on regarding the viability of the examination, yet it was long overdue and a lot of youth’s prospects would have been in jeopardy, if postponed any further,as the problem of pandemic isn’t going to go away any time soon. Thank God  and our government for sticking on the scheduled days. Anyways, after depositing my son in his  test centre, me and my husband had all afternoon to ourselves to roam around ,till his exams were over. We felt like two freed birds albeit in a  mask.Think what! it was no less than a rainbow with which the nature has welcomed us back in it’s folds.

Initially it rained very hard and we enjoyed it sitting  inside our car listening to soulful music and viewing the falling haze of rain. Eventually  it came to a stop allowing us to venture out.The place was basically an office lane,the offices of big companies and banks were spread all over. All the eateries were solely to cater to them which  came handy for us also. I saw a lot of parents moving gingerly or enclosed themselves entirely in the confines of their cars obviously in fear of infections. Our car was duely forgotten on its parking as we decided to explore the place as I don’t see any point of remaining in prepetual terror and stop enjoying the life altogether. We must dare with care without being wreckless.
I felt like a college going girl with a handy boyfriend in toe! Although I never got to roam around like that, originally, as I was married off during my college years. No regrets,  friends, I bought a lot of snacks and sat with him in the marbled pavement of an office, munching and talking our time away. Then I caught the sight of a old man with a mask preparing ‘ litti chokha’ in traditional way at his stall. It is a famous  Bihari  food made with wheat flour dough stuffed wite spiced gram flour and then baked over a charcoal grill. Itis served with mashed potatoes (chokha) after being dunked in  ghee(clarified butter). With great enthusiasm I ordered a plate as my husband is reluctant to try out street food . Guess what, he was the one who finished off almost half of the plate. It was really tasty and healthy too. It was then lassi time which is an Indian  cold drink made with thick curd, sugar and dried fruits laced with a hint of saffron.

We enjoyed all of it, following, all the safety protocol of sanitizing our hands and social distancing,  among the office going lot, meandering about in their lunchbreak. It felt really  liberating and on top of that a gorgeous rainbow appeared across the horizon which  took my breath away. We kept on gazing at the beauty of it, but barring a few  like us, most of them remained oblivious and went on their way, as if nothing unusual happened and forgo the chance to admire the grandeur of nature.
The point is, if we don’t steal some happiness and fun from the mundane things of life, it will throw us into the grasp of sadness and depression. We must learn to actually smile and laugh instead of showing the fake one to the world. Keep yourself happy and safe.
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

5 thoughts on “My Day Out.

  1. That’s true Mousumi…we have to make efforts to get the normal back in our lives…fear is not the ans to any problem…one got to face the problem and unmask the solution…

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