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Fight for Safe And Better Future.

Friends,  however the statistics may indicate otherwise, regarding fresh Coronavirus infections  but life itself is limping back to normalcy. The ample proof of that is the children  turning up again at the small municipal playground right beside our housing complex. Although each one of them donning the  ubiquitous mask.Untill few days ago, the park cum playground used to bear an eerie silence just like giant’s garden in the Oscar Wilde story as I mentioned in my earlier blog, ” The old normal childhood”. I used  to feel  so dejected, seeing it devoid of the boisterous shouting of the playing children. Their gentle begging to the security guards of our housing society, to return back the ball which, inadvertently , used to cross the barrier  wall, in between.

I actually breathed a sigh of relief, seeing them back in their old turf, yet something was conspicuously lacking, when I observed more carefully,  the children’s natural flare for the play was somewhat impeded by their act of adjusting the mask from time to time and to maintain a safe distance from each other. I felt acute guilt on behalf of all the discerning adults, for failing to provide  them carefree environment,  compelling them to live under the reign of perpetual stress and fear. Do they deserve it? Absolutely not but are forced to bear the consequences of our own follies and wreckless activities.

When the teenaged, Swedish environmental activist , Greta Thunberg,thundered in previous UN General Assembly,” How dare you destroy our future “.The President of the super power country, evidently scoffed at her. But wasn’t she spot on, in her assessment and due admonishment! The nature playwright had since then scripting havoc over the survival of mankind, one after the another. If we discount the more than regular devastating occurrence of cyclones,  typhoon,  tornadoes and the floods. The humankind is evidently finding itself helpless to sort out the mess like wild fires  in Australia in the recent past and now raging unabated in California, Oregon and Washington in America and of course the Amazon fire in Latin America. The top of it , the mother of all, the Coronavirus pandemic which has left humanity clueless regarding how to deal with it.

The American Wildfires

This kind of present  we are finding ourselves in, have we ever imagined, leave alone, the future! All the countries of the world , were blithely persuing arms race, economic dominance by over industrialization, research and development of deadly biological and chemical warfare and boasting their invincibility, are now almost surrendering to the ruthless dictates of nature.

We must all consider this as the Third World War and fight unitedly to mitigate the crisis. We have to jointly fight to avert all the perils looming over mankind. Does anybody need the reminder that we are the sole known planet to harbor life. Wa all have to go the extra mile to ensure safe future for our children, we just can’t afford to fail them, can we?
Let ‘s all endeavor to make the world safe and better place to live in
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

7 thoughts on “Fight for Safe And Better Future.

  1. Very well expressed Mousumi…in the over exuberance for modernisation we have neglected the nature…rather are slowly destroying it ..natural calamities are nature’s call or reminders to the humans …it’s time we understand and act..🙏🙏

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