Let’s Fill the Pot Called Sustainable Living.

Friends,  in my previous blog,  ‘Fight for Better and Safe Future’, I talked about a Third  World War.  But this time the participants would not be the militaries of  the Nation but all the common  citizens of the world . The common enemy isn’t very tough to guess, yes, it must be the global warming and the ensuing climate change. Folks  the issue has become such red hot matter of concern that we can no longer brush it under the carpet terming it as mere rhetoric of the environmentalists. The evidence of frequently occurring natural calamities in gigantic proportions is very hard to negate. We just can’t shirk our responsibility by pleading that that  what we can possibly do as anindividual, only the government has the prerogative  to rectify the circumstances.

There is a hindi proverb, ‘akela chana bhar nahi forh sakta’ that means a single chik pea can’t break the clay pot. Yet there is  another, ‘bund bund se hi gharha bharta hai’, that means the drops of water eventually fills a pot. What I wish to convey that our individual small efforts  could also bring positive changes in the scenario. We shouldn’t be cynical or pessimistic about the prospects but need to act. These are my suggestions:-

1. We must strive to reduce thermally generated power consumption as much as possible. Less consumption means less production of  coal generated power, smaller carbon footprint.
2. Limit the use of Air Conditioner to a bare necessity. Even if we can afford higher electric bills,  the CFCs released by ACs are a fair contributor to global warming.
3. We must cook or order as much food as required, because the waste food end up in open dumping yards, releasing methane , which is again a greenhouse gas, resulting in increasing the average temperature of the earth.
4. We must ensure that the housing society, standalone apartments or the private houses, we happen to live in must have the composte pits which not only prevents, methane gas to escape, it will provide us organic manure too. At the same time, diligently make sure all the biodegradable waste reaches its destination.
5. We must jointly finance for the installation of solar panels  on the rooftops to tap the renewable energy for our use.
6. Limit the purchase and use of fossil fuel generated personal cars. If possible opt for E- cars.
7. Limit the consumption of red meat, which not only gives us bad cholesterol  the livestock are the source of increasing  carbon footprint.
8. We must avail the carpool whenever possible.
9. We must ensure the washing machine or the dishwashers fully loaded before using them.
10. Avail airtravel when it’s absolutely necessary,  the private airline companies must make a deal to adjust each other’s passengers in their flight, so that the planes don’t have to fly half empty

So friends,  let me know  whats your take about this. We must spread the awarewness to the best of our abilities.  Let’s  share the drop of water to fill up the pot called sustainable living.
Adieu for now.

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An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Fill the Pot Called Sustainable Living.

    1. Your suggestions of zero waste lifestyle is fabulous,. The Japanese society try to follow it in letter and spirit to a large extent. If we all learn to embrace it, we could save our mother earth from the future disasters. Let’s us all take a pledge to do our best.❤️❤️🌹

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      1. Agreed! One of the most easiest way to individually impact from now is participating in city NGOs. In my city, an NGO have started an experiment to collect recyclable plastic wastes this lockdown days. Seeing individuals of the city participating in it truly changes my mind from the ‘chickpea’ mindset to the ‘drop by drop the water collects’ mindset, if that makes any sense.😅

        Hoping to see many more individual revolutions and evolutions all over the planet, cheers to such optimism for the planet! 😄❤️

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    1. It feels really good to know about your sincere efforts. On my part I’m refusing polythene bags as much as I could and started segregating bio and non biodegradable waste at the point source i.e. at home itself and asking others to do the same.

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      1. Government of lndia is dithering to ban it as many person’s livelihood is connected with polythene bag manufacturering. Polybags are real menace bugging us right now, after corona, perhaps!

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