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Patisaptas: a sweet cuisine of Bengal.

Friends, today I would like to introduce you to a special Bangla delicacy ,which I vouch, every Bengali  might call it their favorite.  It’s ‘Patisapta’ a pancake like concoction with a lip-smacking filling of sweetened ‘khoya'( dried condensed milk).Some scraped coconut and date jaggery add another zing to the filling. These patisaptas are generally prepared in ‘posh sankranti’ which falls on 14th or 15th January. The chill in the air provide a perfect foil to savour the cuisine to the hilt! But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them some other time of the year.

In fact when my eyes fell on a packet of instant khoya in a super store, I immediately latched on to it, keeping patisaptas in mind. My entire household is a die hard fan of the sweet dish, by the way. So one evening, afterwards, I took half litre of milk, added some 400 gms of refined flour( maid) and two tablespoon of semolina (suji),made a thick batter and kept it aside. Next, in a pan I poured 100ml of milk, put it on stove, then gently added the broken pieces of khoya into it. Stirred it continuously till the khoya melted, added sugar to it,as required. Switched off the burner when it reached stuffing consistency. We can add sraped coconut and date jaggery into it. As it were unavailable,  I decided to skip it.

After giving a standing time of one hour, to the batter, added a little water to make it lump free, pouring consistency. Then heated  a frying pan in medium  heat, drizzled some oil into it and poured a ladle full of batter on to it. Spreading them carefully with the back of the ladle to give it a circular shape. When it turns light brown from both sides put a line of filling at the middle and fold it. The patisaptas are ready!

Friends,  if it’s served with a bowl of liquid date jaggery (nolen gur) which is available in any super store in tube form, turns real heavenly. Luckily I had some in my fridge. Till it’s served on the dining table, all the members of my family, were restless to taste it. The end result you can easily guess! They absolutely went gung – ho over it, relishing each and every bite they took. What more a cook can ask for, I was thoroughly satisfied with my latest venture.

If you want to surprise your family then do go for it.I can safely assure you of its magnificent outcome. Wish you all happy trial and tasting too! Do let me know if any of you actually tried.
Keep cooking up storm in your kitchen.
Adieu for now.


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16 thoughts on “Patisaptas: a sweet cuisine of Bengal.

    1. Thank you very much, Ananya. It’s kind of therapeutic sharing with you all, whatever I feel like writing. Isn’t the friendship all about! It’s really precious. Lots of love and goodwishes for you 🥰🥰❤❤

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  1. Yeah its great Mousumi🥰🥰.. You should write whatever you feel like dear Mousumi, we will always be happy to read from you..its indeed precious, as precious as your sweet friendship🥰🥰💕💕
    Stay happy n blessed always🥰🌹🌹
    Take care..
    Loads of love🤗🤗

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