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Lets be the harbingers of social change.

Hello friends, we humans are very mindful of our social rights, do we give the same importance to our responsibilities? Not always. The general tendency is to harp upon the ruling government about all the malady, the society is infested with. Do we ever try to rectify it by ourselves? Be it the matter of  keeping our area clean instead of waiting for all the dirty work to be undertaken by the municipality or the municipal corporation. When the amount of particulate matter is so high that the respective High Courts  have to issue a verdict of banning the firecrackers duriing the Diwali festivities. Why then state governments have to use it’s entire police force and the loud speakers to plead us to refrain from bursting them? Isn’t it our responsibility to refrain from it on our own accord.Yet there are many people out there who act as social vigilante, we must all strive to join the group en masse to keep the light of social change burn brightly. I will give you two examples:

The first one is from a locality in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Where we recently went for a family visit.The municipality there, was in the process of replacing an old calvert over the side drain joining the main drain, across the road. You can imagine, how bothersome the process was for the residents of that area. We couldn’t keep the car in our garage, instead it was kept in the open at the main road. The pace of work was very slow and the material used, looked substandard to the common eye. But nobody seem to have any problem with it At last the concrete were laid and work came to an end. A few midsized boulders were laid to prevent the trespassers from trampling over the newly laid concrete. To my surprise people started walking over it overlooking the impediment of the boulders. The next morning was our departure time, we all trudged our luggage to the main road to set it in our car. When we were finally about to board, we saw a tractor filled with iron rods was approaching to cross the new calvert. With bated breath, we looked on, the tractor stopped, the helper nonchalantly got down, removed the boulders and the vehicle sped on. In the broad morning light, nobody deemed it necessary to object to the atrocity done to the freshly laid calvert. It can be anybody ‘s guess, regarding the longevity of the same.This evident apathy towards public works must change for the real progress of the society.

The second example is in Kolkata, where in a public park, an illegal construction was being  erected to make a knee deep artificial pool for the Chhat devotees. The regular morning walkers lodged a strong protest against it and the construction  immediately stopped. In Behala the residents of a colony  came together to set up a committee to keep their locality clean, on their own. Seeing this the local MLA came forward to extend her cooperation.

Friends the above example do give us the ray of hope that each individual can be the harbinger of change for the society to flourish. All we need is  a little proactiveness on our part.
Wish you all stay happy and safe, and happy Dhanteras!
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

3 thoughts on “Lets be the harbingers of social change.

  1. That’s so true….the debate of rights vs responsibility has been on since times immemorial…if the common man understood the responsibility then most of our problems will get resolved on their own…
    Well explained Mousumi..

    Liked by 3 people

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