Conscience, the Friend or Foe

Friends, can any of us deny that one doesn’t indulge in a seemingly ceaseless dialogue with ourself. Do we talk with the neurons of the brain or for that matter, with the blood pumping heart? Literally no, but figuratively yes. It’s the combination of our living existence, we call it consciousness, and the very thing, subsequently, get controlled by a super boss and that is the consience. The driving force behind all our ‘karma’, whether it’s good or bad depend upon this incessant conversation with our conscience. Based on our inherent and cultivated moral and value system the conscience is the guide which supervises all our day to day actions and give us all important feedback for the future ones, if  we deigned to listen to it’s dictat.

The inherent moral or value system is what we imbibe from our parents and family and the cultivated one are derived from the books we read, friends and the society at large. When I was adolescent, the most impressionable age, used to have a book of moral science. The stories I read in it are still fresh in my mind, like the story of two friend in a jungle. On seeing a bear one of which climbed on to a tree to save himself, without bothering for his friend’s safety, being aware that he can’t climb trees. When the bear approached dangerously close, the other boy lied down on the ground feigning death. The bear sniffed him and found him not breathing, went his own way as they don’t touch the dead animals. After his departure the other friend came down the tree and asked quizzically, what the bear was whispering in his ears. The boy said nonchalantly, “He said,a friend  in need is a friend indeed !” Then he walked away leaving the selfish friend behind.

So,it’s highly important that a child should receive moral science lessons along with other Sciences. It would help to build on the character. Conscience in easy words is the guiding force which forbids us from:
1. Looking the other way when we see a human or an animal in need, in the streets or any other place.
2. Cheating and telling lies to build one’s career or other prospects.
3. Straying from our beloved.
4. Coveting other people’s possessions and trying to make their own.
5. Committing anything illegal in the eyes of law.
There is an evil conscience thriving in the back burner of every mind, which goads us to do just the opposite of above. Its up to us, whom to give priority. Indeed, its imperative to give precedence to the good conscience over the evil one. If we do achieve something relying on the later one, we’re never going to breathe in peace because the world knows or not we should be pronounced guilty by our own conscience.

The peace and contentment are the twin pillars of everlasting happiness in life and for that conscience must always be on the driver’s seat, in every activity of ours. So we must think before we embark on any action. Let the good conscience triumph over the evil one, so that we have nothing to regret,and life would be  a bliss!

Wish you all good luck. Adieu for now.

Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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