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Transgressions and Ethics

Friends, a few articles in today’s newspaper,  compelled me to discuss with you, regarding the role of ethics while persuing aggressive business interest. Man is born to innovate ,but he must be sensible of all the pros and cons of his new creation. There is always a fair chance of it, turning into a Frankenstein’s monster , striking back vengeantly at any time. The classic example is the creation and stock piling of nuclear, chemical and bio weapons by many countries, some of which may not be ruled by responsible leaders. Have we ever imagined the repercussion, if any one of them turnig rogue and decide to actually use them! The topic of our discussion are:

1. The decision of Japanese retailers to bring into the market – a hyper realistic mask created on 3D printer, designed by Shuhei Okawara. The mask models a stranger’s features in three dimension, a new take on the theme of facial camouflage. The Okawara’s mask won’t protect anybody against the Coronavirus but lend one the exact appearance of an unidentified Japanese adult. The mask will go on sale early next year for 96,000 yen($950) apiece, at his Tokyo shop. Can you imagine what purpose its going to serve to the mankind, beside creating a pure confusion and a symbolic harakiri! Any person could assume the identity of a stranger to escape any misdeeds and crime and turn himself or herself virtually incognito at  the drop of a hat! Today it is Japan, tomorrow it would be acquired by other countries. The innovator is going to be super rich, but do the world get benefited by it or find itself severely crippled by it?

2. The decision of Government of India, considering curbs including a possible ban of China’s honey adulterant imports. That is a high fructose syrup, whose traces have been found in many leading brands of honey. Its like the unsuspecting consumers are taken on ride to the path of peril. Only God can tell how much adulterant is circulating in our packaged food ,without us being aware of it, and to what extent we’re getting harmed by it. Why the so called adulterant be surreptiously manufactured on the first place and not identified by food safety control authorities and weed it out accordingly? Why the general wellbeing of citizens be so shamefully compromised.

3. The third topic I want to shed light on, is the decision of Singapore Food Agency approving an American startup’s cultured chicken which in other words, lab grown nuggets and fillets of chicken created directly from the real animal cells for ‘safe’ human consumption. I agree that there are scores of advantages in the field of animal cruelty and environment but does it give us clean chit to tinker with nature and natural process? As we’re evidently seeing how nature can box our ears for our errant ways. We must be extra cautious while going against the dictat of nature, however lucrative it may look, the long term fallout of which is still to be ascertained.

Friends, before the industrial revolution and leaps and bounds development of science and technology ,the matters hadn’t reached such a flashpoint as we’re experienceing now. The nature is getting increasingly trampled by our greed and unethical business practices. If we don’t conform to the basic rules of nature its bound to retaliate. Are we ready to confront it’s wrath?

Back to basics should be our mantra instead of transgressions. With lots of good wishes  adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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