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The Good Samaritans

Hello friends, everyone of you probably agree with me that,the few pages of a newspaper, is the real window to look at the world, notwithstanding the electronic media and their orchestrated histrionics. The pages of a newspaper give us the real glimpse of life and incidence happening all around us. Sometimes we feel flustered and angry by turning over the pages but there are also the times when we’re overwhelmed with sanguine hopes, a reassurance that the humanity is thriving and well. One of such, I came across  a few days ago and another article in today’s The Times of India, and coaxed me to relate the same to  you.

Its a simple yet touching story of a three week old, stray pony, who got injured by a speeding vehicle, near a New Town mall, Kolkata, earlier this month. As it was a stray little one, moving around with it’s mother, so there was no prospective owner in sight to tend for the hapless animal. It was lying beside a busy road, writhing in pain, when some good samaritans residing in that area, took it under their care, a local veterinarian was called,  by the evening the animal was fit enough to stand and move around with it’s mother. It was prescribed regular injection of antibiotics. Akanshya Pandey, an animal lover took the responsibility of injection and dressing of the wound every day, after the animal was located, grazing around with it’s mother. A whatsapp group was formed to track the animal and a crowdfunding was organised to support the treatment. Due to sleeping on dust and grass,the wound got aggravated. The veterinarian advised admission in a veterinary hospital.

The pony was transferred to a hospital in Sonarpur, run by an NGO, the doctor suggested that it needed to stay with its mother for milk. Samaresh Das, the chairperson of a New Town NGO, informed that they had a tough time, catching the mother horse. After a day’s failed attempt, a horse handler from Maidan was called to handle and control the animal. It was then put in a mini truck and ferried to its little one. The last report indicates that the mother child duo are doing very well in hospital.

Friend, these kind of nuggets, reinforces our faith that the light of humanity is still kindled among us. Its the very thing which separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Let the light of it, glow more brightly and enlighten the whole mankind.
Thank-you for reading. Stay safe. Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

6 thoughts on “The Good Samaritans

    1. Thankyou Cheryl. There are people who left the horses, fending for themselves. Yet so many were there who actively took care of the little one, convinces us that there is hope, that one day humanity will conquer all.❤

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