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Natural Disaster or Manmade?

Friends, natural disaster fueled by human errors and greed strikes again in Gharwal Himalayas. We can do nothing but helplessly count and assess the damage to life and property aftermaths. A bright sunday morning,  yesterday, turned into a nightmare as a huge chunk of glacier broke off causing enormous waves in Dhauliganga river near Raini village in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, lindia, triggering a flashflood. The massive flow of ‘cold lava’ made of snow, water, silt and boulders was set off, which flowed down Rishiganga sweeping away two hydropower project and countless innocent men working on the site. The tremendous current of water mixed with mud and boulders gushed so swiftly  that nobody got the time to rescue themselves or others from it’s fury. The unfortunate catastrophe was an eerie reminiscent of Kedarnath tragedy of 2013, when thousands of pilgrim lost their lives.

The 2017 prediction of Magsaysay award winner consevationist Rajendra Singh, also known as ‘Waterman of India has proven just right that a similar tragedy is waiting to happen. Do we again express our collective shock and sympathy and move on, waiting for the next catastrophe to strike! The situation certainly need some immediate course correction. First, have a look at the possible reasons behind the breakage of such huge chunk of glacier when winter is still on.
1. In the sub zero February temperature, the geologist are calling it a grave anomaly. The accelerated glacier reduction since mid 1990s could be correlated with increased global temperature and subsequent warming. It’s presence is felt very close to us, instead of far off polar region.
2. Building of hydel power projects and dams in such an ecologically sensitive area , where huge explosives are uesd to break the rocks might have made the glaciers loosely and precariously perched atop the mountains,  waiting to cut loose anytime.
3. The blatant stone crushing activity being carried out in riverbed also affecting the situation adversely .
4. The unchecked and rampant construction on the terrain, for tourism and other profit making schemes of some selfcentred businessmen must be curtailed and regulated.
The damage to the Nanda Devi Bioreserve in the area by the thoughtless human activities is too evident to ignore. Even though locals and other NGOs are filing several PILs in Uttarakhand High court to stop such mindless human meddling, the state and central government is largely remaining oblivious to the danger posed by them. All the concerned authority must pay heed to these alarms and rectify, for the safety of future mankind.

Friend the multi headed hydra called global warming and climate change has already begun to manifest itself, spreading it’s tentacles in every  corner of the world. We all must have to be sensible, alert and co operative to reverse the trend. Passing on the buck by the countries of the world would not do. The situation demands proactive, collective and co ordinated effort for preventing the earth from becoming increasingly inhabitable. We shouldn’t squander the equilibrium of nature and subsequently draw it’s wrath. The all encompassing Corona pandemic is more than adequate example, how furious it can be. We should strictly adhere to the laws of nature instead of bending it for our own selfish needs.
Only mere rhetorics would not suffice, the situation on the ground must change for the better, what say?


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

2 thoughts on “Natural Disaster or Manmade?

    1. The large chunk of glaciers are generally broken naturally mostly due to avalanche,landslide or when the summers set in. In Chamoli,the preliminary report suggests the absence of any and that’s what baffeling the scientists.


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