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A March Towards Sustainability.

Hello friends, it’s really heartening to read that no less than John Kerry, the US special presidential envoy for climate has underlined India’s effort towards clean energy transmission. The government’s announcement, in the present budget, to launch a National Hydrogen Mission made him predict that our beloved country would make it one of the leaders in hydrogen based economy. The main aim of the mission is to generate Hydrogen from green sources to use them as non conventional power sources. The mission’s chief aim is evidently, to reduce petroleum use, green house gas emission and air pollution and contribute to more diverse and efficient energy infrastructure.

The acknowledgement by our finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman that solar energy brings huge promises for India and phased manufacturing plan for solar cells and solar panels to build up domestic capacity. As another positive, while addressing the virtual meet of World  Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS), the external  affairs minister, S Jayshanker,  flagged how India is committed to climate action and proceeding relentlessly and resolutely towards net zero emission commitment  to reache the environmental goals, she has set for herself.

Kerry further adds, ” India’s down- payment on the clean energy transmission has made the country the global market leader in the sector thanks to which building solar energy in lndia is cheaper than anywhere else in the world.”

Friends, the real movers and shakers of a country must be the government, their strategists, followed by the responsibie citizens. These encouraging developments do bring a robust sense of relief that we’re heading towards the right direection.

Now, it’s over to entrepreneurs and startups to tap the favourable and conducive environment to build up on the initiatives  to create large pool of infrastructure to sustain the non conventional energy sector. Seize the momentum and let’s lay such a strong edifice that the fossil fuel becomes…well, truely and literally fossil.

Positves times are ahead, friends, so break the prevailing shroud of gloom and doom induced by recalcitrant Corona and let’s make a united endeavor for a peaceful, promising and sustainable future. We really do owe it to our progeny!
I would very much like to know your opinions regarding it. So extract sometime and do write on the comment box. I shall wait for it!
Adieu for now.


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