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The Dilemma

Hello friends, at one point of our life or the other we are confronted by a dilemma to choose the right option. When we indeed stick to one, ensued by the feeling of regret for not selecting the other one. Particularly in my case, I considered myself the most indecisive person on earth. Though, rectified the flaw to a large extent, still, sometimes pokes its head, leaving me befuddled, regarding which way to act. I will tell you about my recent encounter with an almost blind incense stick seller at the pavement of the local market.
    The evening, I visited the market place, the pavement was bustling with people, both the sellers and buyers. As the scare of Corona on a waning side, normal hectic life tracing it’s way back! Quite relishing the hustle all around(a reminder of good old days), I found a small thinly built man, selling incense stick. When observed carefully found the man almost devoid of eye sight.
    I wasn’t in need of an incense stick, yet bought a large packet from him, costing me fifty five rupees. There was no change in my purse at that time, so I handed him 100 Rs note. With great effort on his part, he managed to return the residual money. When I counted, it was 95 Rs in total. In the cacophony of voices, I managed to tell him, his error. While returning back his money, I wanted to give him some extra money, but then held myself off it, at the last moment.
    The man was proudly earning his livelihood, not looking for alms. It might have hurt his self esteem. On my way back, the nagging thoughts couldn’t leave me that I ought to have extended some monetary help. But, then I surmised, that it would’ve elevated his circumstances only temporarily but his self confidence might have taken  a dent. Yet I frantically searched for him but the man was nowhere in sight, lost in the crowd of people.
    My heart positively ached thinking about the pittance he earned as his livelihood. The master share of the profit was being pocketed by the below par incense stick maker who took advantage of his blindness to sell his wares. The man might just be getting a paltry sum as his commission.
    I closed my eyes and solemnly pray to God, to take care of him. Only he has the ability to turn somebody’s fortune single handedly.
    Few days afterwards, I saw an old man selling some books, beside a pavement of a temple. I bought a book of 120 Rs, my husband gave him 200 Rupee note. To his utter surprise and the others present there, I asked him to keep the change. The man remained silent for some moment and left the place in a huff, leaving his books unattended.
    My husband said, see he had gone to squander the money on a pint of liquor.  I curiously looked on, found him picking something out from a bag hanging in a bicycle. Then promptly returned back flaunting his spectacle and a glint in his eyes trying to maintain his gravity. Yet his happy demeanor was a give away, as if a child was gifted a packet of candy without him asking for it.I was quite satisfied with my decision this time.
Friends, if our little gestures can bring substantial cheers to somebody then it’s worth it. I would like to know your opinions about. Please do write in the comment box. Stay safe and happy.
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

16 thoughts on “The Dilemma

  1. Glad to hear that you could bring smile on someones face dear👏🏻💖 it indeed feels so peaceful to make someone happy!! And i agree to your point on being quite confused on making decisions, i too sometimes cant decide on a thing and get thinking alot and sometimes decisions come out correct and sometimes i regret…life goes on like this… Nice post dear💖💖

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    1. Thankyou Soni for your appreciation. The main point regarding decision making is that if some come out wrong then we must keep it in mind while taking the new one. To stand in good stead in life, the conviction on our own decision is important……. I have come to learn it after many follies 😃❤❤

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    1. Thanks Shivani, a little bit on our part, sometimes go a long way to assuage the the plight of others around us. If we can make somebody happy, it’s worth it.🙂❤❤


    1. Thankyou Indira! It’s really vital that we take right decision at the right moment otherwise the ache of missing the train right in front of us would remain🙂….. The point is ,we should grab the moment without dithering❤

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  2. You have done a right thing. You can’t change the world, but whatever little we can do, we must from our side. I have made it a point to give whatever they demand. Thanks for sharing an inspiring piece.

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      1. Thanks for your beautiful inclusive thought. In fact on this topic, last month, I had also written a poem, Expression Says It All.

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  3. Your generosity and compassion shine through Mousumi. It is indeed worthy for the nearly blind man to make his own living. I feel that people like him have self-dignity and pride, which is to be admired.


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