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The Cook and his Clueless Wife.

Hello friends, in present environment we all seem to be bogged down by the circumstances, one way or the other. Whenever I came across something funny, I always wished to share it with you. We must all have to make an effort to draw as much fun and happiness from life as we could. So, I’m gonna tell you a story about a cook and his clueless wife.

The cook of our story is working at present in the canteen of a Public Sector Bank, in Kolkata where my husband also works.Now, all the peon staff are hired from a private agency and afterwards they are assigned various jobs. Our cook, who hails from a village outskirts to the city, was asked to do the canteen job and he readily accepted it. The man was of very  few words but quite meticulous in his job.

He seems to be adept in the art of cooking, whether the food belong to Bangla, Mughal or Chinese. Everyday he rustles up such lip smacking fare that all the bankers have become a fan of him. Not only that he was equally marvelous in the art of canteen keeping. I mean the dining table and the kitchen always remains spotlessly clean. Every day fresh flowers appear at the centre of the table with well adorned and fresh salad plates as an accompaniment. The cutlery and dishes sparkling, which made the food more apetizing. In all, every thing was conducted in very systematic and orderly fashion.

The special trait in him was that he never takes part in the dining table banterings and chats between the colleagues. Always preferring a gentle smile and ubiquitous nods while gliding in and out in the process of serving food. Every one use to suggest that he must apply for a post of chef in a reputed restaurant and he would just grin in response.

One day during lunch, my husband playfully asked him, whether he also dabbled his hand  in cooking, at home. He softly answered, “Once I tried to enter the kitchen to cook something special for my family. My wife considers the kitchen her own sacred domain , when she found me trespassing on her turf, she hurriedly rushed forward and promptly shooed me away.”

All were looked askancely towards him, he then deadpanned,”My wife boomed , you don’t even know the  a b c of cooking,  only going to turn my kitchen upside down and all for nothing. Leave these things to me!……What could I possibly say to that, just left her forte immediately .”

The raptly listening audience had  incredulity in their eyes he then gave a rejoinder, “Actually Sir, she don’t have any inkling what I exactly do for a living. Only has the idea I work in a bank and its for my own good that she stays that way.”

There  was a roll of laughter all around while the cook went on his job calmly.

Hope you liked the story! Please drop your comment in the comment box. I would love to improvise accordingly.

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Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

9 thoughts on “The Cook and his Clueless Wife.

    1. According to the cook, if his wife has any inkling that he cooks so well then he would get absolutely deprived of her cooking and the job at home might fall on his shoulders.😊 Thanks Cheryl for your kind appreciation. It do inspire me a great deal!🌹❤️

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