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The Co-operatives.

Hello friends, hope you all had a happy and cheerful weekend. The happiness doesn’t always means going out, catching a movie and eating in a nice restaurant. If all the family members are spending an ‘us time’ together, the weekends could be fun. Due to pandemic scare, we are more than accustomed to spending all seven days of the week at home, unless there is some emergency to go out. Like a boon in disguise, it has made a family, to bond more like a unit. All the previous hustling and bustling of weekdays and going out meeting friends and relatives at the weekends have reduced to barely minimum, leaving the members of the family to fall back on each other for the succour and we can say it’s indeed a splendid phenomenon. I’m gonna tell you, how we spent the Sunday cooped up at home, yet so fulfilling in itself.

Waking up Sunday morning, I was feeling low due to my persistent stomach cramps and a body ache. The Sundays are usually reserved for good home-made foods but due to indisposition of the homemaker, the scenario didn’t look so encouraging. My children are ardent fan of various chicken recipes, I like to rustle up for them.Therefore chicken was duely brought from the market and I got up for its preparetion process, but immediately found myself unable to stand due to the pain. I was subsequently forced by all other members of my family to go back to bed after being administered a painkiller.

I was worrying about cooking but was assured wholeheartedly that they will take care of the matter. It wasn’t long before sleep claimed me to oblivion. When I opened my eyes it was almost half past one and the lunchtime wasn’t far away. With a lot of consternation I got up, but then an apetizing aroma came wafting to my nose.The pain had receded considerably by then, I hurriedly got up to investigate and rushed to the kitchen. My eyes were stretched to it’s limit to find my eighteen year old son at the helm of it, stirring the chicken in the pan in utmost concentration, humming softly to the tunes of the music playing in his ear phones. The rice was also boiling beside. His elder sister hovering around overseeing the proceedings.

Afterwards, I came to know that my daughter had cleaned and marinated the chicken with the spices she had seen me using. My husband had volunteered to cut the onions and most surprising of them all, was my son declaring to cook it and for the first time!

Friends, I just can’t describe you, how heavenly it felt for a homemaker to be served hot and delicious food in her own dining table without lending a single finger in preparing it. I was more than gratified as it was the outcome of a co operative efforts of my entire family. It feels really good to get so much support and care when one of the pillars of the union is down. That’s what families are made for. I sincerely thank God for that.

I wish you all with health and happiness with the spring blooms in our society gardens, pc. my daughter. Do share with us, how you spend your weekend.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

18 thoughts on “The Co-operatives.

  1. I hope you are feeling better now. Family is the sweetest thing in the world. My family too takes care of me and pampers me a lot. I can understand your feeling when our loved ones surprise or pampers us. Its really a sweet gesture from your family. I cooked chicken pulao which is my signature dish you can say. It always becomes instant hit every time I cook. Your daughter is multi talented and I really loved those pictures of flowers.

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    1. Thanks a lot Manisha for your care, I’m feeling better than yesterday. I feel glad to know that you had cooked chicken pulao for your family. These small little things are really a grand gestures to show your love for your family….Thanks again for liking the pictures taken by my daughter. You know what, she can also cook continental and chinese very well and she does all that besides persuing final year MBBS course. The last year had indeed given her some time to persue her hobbies 😊

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      1. Glad to know that you recovered well. Yeah everyone liked my pulao. Its really great besides being medico you daughter follows her heart. I just want to know one thing are you from Kolkata?
        Managing time is a great thing these days were everyone can’t do and I really appreciate you besides being Mom you are pursuing your hobby Blogging. I really like multi cuisine food and I try different recipes too.

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      2. Yes dear I”m from Kolkata. We must all persue our hobby beside the career or profession or home management, it keeps us refreshed. For the time management part, I’m still trying to master over it.☺️

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    1. If all the members of a family care fir each other deeply, life could be far more smoother and easier, specially for the home makers. Thanks Shobana for your appreciation 😊Stay happy and blessed πŸ’“

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