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The Atrocities on Men!

Hello friends, if I ask you, “which act of women, their men consider most atrocious ?” The unanimous answer might be a visit to any departmental or retail store, they are tugged along with the women in their lives, she might happen to be his wife , mother, daughter, sister or girlfriend. More the women come to love retail therapy, men in general seem to detest them equally. The said abhorrence sometimes is so great that they would like to equate it to finding themselves marooned in an enemy land, without weapons to defend themselves.

You can catch score of men, with long faces, hovering around female changing room of the store, their arms laden with clothes to be tried on, and the lady (wife most of the times) appearing in regular interval showcasing the tried garments and seeking his approval. If by any chance the said husband’s attention wavered towards any other attractive female in the vicinity than you can imagine what kind of hell is going to break loose on his head, afterwards! It’s no wonder if he gets rebuked with not so gentle verbal lashing, for the callous act, in full public glare, by his beloved.

The problem is compounded, if men’s garment are to be purchased. The lady would insist, sometimes coaxing him, to try each one of the selected garments one by one. She would resolutely stand guard outside the male changing room for her approval. You may find men grumbling exasperately that they they have enough clothes to last them a lifetime, they don’t need any more. A seemingly deaf ear is turned to their frantic plea.They have to continue the charade untill the satisfaction of their better halves.

Friends all the above scenarios were common place before the obnoxious virus, turned all our lives upside down. All those going out for work and entertainment came to a full stop, so no need of new garment or the shopping jaunts. Men might be breathing a sigh of relief, a boon in disguise! Jokes apart, the emphasis on dressing up has indeed receded,  people have come to understand the worth of simple living and high thinking, as we got lots of leisure to introspect.

As they say, old habbits die hard. Last weekend, I was meandering down the local market,  my hubby in tow, suddenly my eyes went to the Big Bazaar, a retail store. It’s open doors were as if beckoning me to have a look, I pleaded with him. With obvious reluctance he conceded. There were fewer people inside, my earlier resolve of just window shopping went for a toss and I ended up buying three towels as they were on sale, three comfy pants as summer is almost upon us, and many kitchen nick nacks. All the time my husband gently reminding me to leave something for our next expedition! When I looked around, found a husband reminding his wife about the time by indicating to his watch. Another one frantically gesticulating that they need no more shopping. And the story goes on.

Friends, one good thing I saw that the store has switched to cotton bags instead of former plastic ones to pack the purchased goods. While returning back, I was promising myself not to buy, just have a look at the new arrivals  at the store, as my wardrobe is already spilling over!

Cloth bag

Have you had any interesting shopping experience ? Do share with us in the comment box. Have a happy weekend.
Adieu for now,.


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An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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