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Celebrating the Earth Hour

Hello friends, today we are going to observe the Earth Hour aross the entire world. The ritual is to switch off all non essential electrical devices and lights for one hour. In India it’s from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM, IST. It may be a symbolic gesture, yet it signifies solidarity and hope for a better and more sustainable future. It was started by WWF(World Wide Fund for Nature) as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney  in 2007. The Earth Hour is now one of the World’s largest grassroots movements for the environment.  Held every year on the last Saturday of March and it engages millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories. The main intent then was to draw attention to the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change.

Earth Hour goes far beyond the symbolic action of switching off – it has become catalyst for positive  environmental impact, driving major legislative changes by harnessing the power of the people and collective action. India is observing the day since 2009 by switching off the lights of the land marks from Howrah Bridge to India Gate. In 2021, the focus on environmental degradation and its harmful impact has become much more relevant. The rapid loss of biodiversity  and imbalance in nature has become much more pronounced. There is a staggering 68% decline in wildlife population on average since 1970, as reported in the authoritative WWF’s Living Planet Report 2020.

Friends, as an individual we can support the hour by tapping on the explosive reach of social  media and creating awareness through it for the movement. We can spark off millions of conversations about ways to preserve nature by establishing a means of communication cutting across all the boundaries,. Earth Hour is less about the hour but a lot about Earth itself.

Toeing the dictats of nature has become absolutely imperative for us. We need much more disciplining and astuteness towards limiting the excesses we tend to overlook in our daily life activities.

Let’s each of us become the volunteers to raise awareness toward the preservation of our dear Earth and our own survival, by observing Earth Hour in our own personal capacity and inspire others to follow the same. We just can’t afford any more procrastination regarding our duties and responsibilities for a more sustainable, bright and hopeful future.

Let’s all support the Earth Hour.
Do tell me, how you marked the occasion,  in my comment box.
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the Earth Hour

    1. We must all be diligent towards renovating our mother Earth as we do with the houses we own. Every individual effort count towards solving the problems we’re facing now. Thanks Aditi for sharing your views.❤

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