The Other Side Of Corona.

Cover photo credit : my daughter Riya Mukherjee.

Friends I’m reblogging today,my earlier post which is as relevant today as it previously was. Please do give it a read!

Friends, in this pandemic time I would liketo call you all to be fearless while navigating through the daily chores of life. Living in a perpetual terror of Corona isn’t going to solve our problems. The fear psychosis merely compounds the crisis at hand by turning us into an emotional wreck. Do we allow ourselves to be swayed and get dumped into the pit of depression? Certainly and emphatically not! No way it’s going to put us down!! Being  fearless doesn’t mean one needs to be brash and careless, rather be vigilant, strong and already to face the calamity with enough fortitude. Remember, the empty mind devil’s workshop, we shouldn’t at any cost allow our minds to be ruled by devils, instead carefully fill it up with something interesting and engaging. How about some creative hobbies you always wanted to persue but never had the time and stamina, as we all were nothing but busy bees, running after one deadline to another. Its never too late, you just begin and soon find it too riveting to leave and the adulation you receive for your work might be the added bonus.

I shall furnish you with  some life drawn examples to support my plea.

Yes, my friends, my own experience tells me that pursuing a creative hobby is a great stress burster. I wanted to write something, right from the teenage, but one thing led to another and it remained my unfulfilled dream. Fortunately, I was gifted by my other half, a tablet device, a few months ago, when the pandemic wasn’t so pronounced. Subsequently, it became a boon for me during the lockdowns, I started writing blogs  without using pen and paper. I was myself sweetly surprised to find such an efficient tool of writing and soon took to it as a fish does to the waters. I started  posting them in WordPress (helped by my tech savvy son), within two months of writing, the response is no less than phenomenal for me. I just can’t describe my happiness and fulfillment. I have no time for anxiety any more.

The second example is my daughter, who is in final year of her medical degree. The lock down had put a brake on her busy schedule. Besides attending online classes, she had so much time to kill. This time also my husband’s idea came in very handy, he gifted her painting supplies and asked her to draw. In response she looked so incredulously at him as if she was asked to till the land and start farming. After much exhortation from us, she finally came around and began drawing. In no time her inherent proficiency in art, though she is not trained in it, brought her much accolade in social media platforms. Her pencil sketches and paintings brought enough joy and pleasure for her too. She has no spare time worrying over stalled classes and semesters.

The third example is my elder brother in law and his wife, both have artistic bent of mind. The lock downs have also helped them to hone their skill. He is making hand crafted house models and other things and she is making cloth dolls wearing exquisite dresses.

Whenever, you create something it fills you with immense satisfaction and joy as if giving birth to a baby. In this trying times if we indulge ourselves with creative activities it will throw out negativity around us. Need of the hour is to be brave, if we live in constant fear, half the battle would be lost before it actually gets started.

Put on a brave front and be alert too!
Adieu for now.

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An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

31 thoughts on “The Other Side Of Corona.

  1. Yes..
    A creative hobby is a must have for everyone..
    It not only helps develop creative thinking and keeps one gainfully engaged but also never allows the person to feel lonely ..
    Beautiful thought..
    Regards πŸ™πŸ™

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  2. Such talent in the family. And yes, I agree wholeheartedly that we need to concentrate on other ventures, and creative endeavors to alleviate the fearful time the world is undergoing at the moment. Congratulations.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Indira. Whatever we earlier wished to do, remained buried. Only the lockdowns gave us the ample time to persue it.😊❀ I feel so fortunate to acquire friends like you in the process.❀❀

      Liked by 1 person

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