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A Dedication to the True Covid Warriors.

Hello friends, you may call it ironic that after writing a blog titled ‘The other side of Corona’, I’m furnishing you with the glimpse of this side of Corona. If one word can describe the attack of Corona on me and my husband , it’s simply horrible. Though I was released after six days of hospitalization my husband got the much awaited respite only yesterday after full eighteen days of confinement in which six days he had to spend in ICU.
I just want to dedicate this column to the true warrior of the pandemic and they are health workers. Though the doctors are at the helm of commanding the war, the real fighters are the foot soldiers, a highly  dedicated set of nurses, house staffs and kitchen staffs of the hospitals.
Friends,  I’m the live witness of the enormous constraint  in which they have to deliver their services. They have to don the garb of highly oppressive PPE kits for eight to twelve hours at a stretch depending upon their shifts. Yet they were all meticulously tending to the huge tide of the infected patients .
Beside giving the relentless medical care they were surprisingly lending a sympathetic ears to the trials and travails of the physically and emotionally shattered patients. With their soothing words, more often than not they succeeded in calming the frayed nerves.

With their ready smile and energy, they were like angels taking every care of the patients,  be it timely administering medicines, adequate food and clean environment. It was like a well oiled heavy machinery which was working very efficiently and with  utmost coordination.

When I was discharged, a host of nurses and other staffs  became like friends to me. They took care of every small  requirement of mine like supplying  a rubber band to tie my hair or an ointment for my lips or managing  some biscuits at the wee hour of the night when I felt hungry. To divert our worrying and panicked minds they woulds chat with us exchanging personal anecdotes with each other.

Friends, I don’t have enough words to salute their dedication in fighting the pandemic war. Hat’s off to them for their sincere efforts to cure the hapless patients out of the clutches of infection. The efforts of those fearless covid warriors must be exalted and feted by each and everyone as they are the true life saviors in this trying times. I sincerely thank them from the core of my heart for helping us to get out of the infection.

Wish you all health and happiness. May God give us strength to tide over this calamity with fortitude. Stay safe and cautious, take every precaution to avoid the infection. Stay home, don’t venture out unless it’s absolute necessity. Fervently wishing for a better and safe circumstances for the entire man kind.
Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

14 thoughts on “A Dedication to the True Covid Warriors.

  1. Mousumi, I am so sorry you and your husband have been ill. I am glad to hear that you had good care. I do agree with you that medical professionals are the heroes of this terrible pandemic. I can’t believe that some people continue to refuse to wear a mask! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    1. Thanks Cheryl for your kind wishes, it was really a trying time for all us……It”s quite unfortunate that some people are still don’t bothering with the safety protocol and infection is spreading. We all have to be extra cautious to fight the menace.

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    1. By the grace of God, we both are recovering. Thank-you very much Muskan for your kind concern…..The credit must be given to our frontline health workers because they are the real soldiers fighting against this new kind of war…. Stay safe and happy.❤


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