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Self Regulation : The Need of The Hour

Hello friends, we all Indians are going through most trying times. When some calamity strikes, there is no other option than facing it. Rather than getting panicked, we must fight it with fortitude, resilience, co operation along with swift and timely action to save the precious lives. The government of India as well as all of us had a fair inkling that the second wave is inevitably coming down upon us. We were prepared for a small stone to hit us, but when it eventually fell on our heads, it was detected to be huge boulder. The immenseness of the dire circumstances left every one flabbergasted.

We were far more prepared and cautious the first time over than we are now. The lack of medical oxygen, ventilators, life saving drugs like Remdisivir and inadequate ICU beds are the stark evidence to corroborate the chinks in our preparedness. More than obvious laxity by the government and common citizens added to the woes. The huge election rallies and maskless people flouting the social distancing norms in crowded markets, public transport and various offices and banks is anything to go by. It’s now time to rectify our erring ways.

The proverbial cat is out of the bag, we have to look for ways to contain it. The meticulous coordination between the central and state governments and efficient delivery of essential medical supplies to each and every hospitals and monitoring the home quarantined patients can turn the tide in favour of us. The infection is treatable if timely medical intervention is provided.

To prevent the rate of transmission, self regulation and discipline can win the game for us. If we look at countries like Japan and South Korea, they have successfully kept the pandemic under control by sheer self discipline and alertness of each and every citizen of their countries. While dispensing all the services and economic activities, almost the entire population adhere to the strict safety protocols resulting in keeping the infections down.

I admit that India has a huge population to contend with in which there is a sizable number who are still unaware of the repercussion of disobeying safety protocols. Hereby I request all my readers to spread the awareness of donning the mask and social distancing through any which way you find it suitable. An infected person can spread it to over 400 people, if safety measures are taken it can be reduced to as low as 2 persons.

It should be our individual duty to run the campaign of educating common people about safety protocols. A simple mask, social distancing and regular disinfecting of our hands can change the course of the game for us without locking ourselves down and the ensuing economic fallout. Self regulation and discipline must be our war cry against the pandemic. We shall overcome the adversity by fighting it unitedly. Wishing a speedy victory of mankind!

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Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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