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On Reaching a Milestone!

Hello friends, I’m writing this post solely to express my heartfelt gratitude and happiness in acquiring so many talented and multifaceted blogger friends. I feel honored by the steady and unflinching support you all have bestowed upon my blog journey so far. Reaching 500 followers is such a dream like milestone that I haven’t ever contemplated when I started my blog with the WordPress last June. There are four very strong pillars on which the vehicle of my blog is moving on, they are: WordPress itself, the entire blogger community, my family and ofcourse my heart and mind which work in sync to provide requisite fodder for my blog post!

I’m genuinely thankful to WordPress for providing such a beautiful and meaningful platform for the writers, to produce such a diversified, informative, entertaining and some brainstorming content. It has quite commendably provided us, the platform for expressing our thoughts, views, experiences, poetries, anecdotes and those exquisite photographs from various part of the world. It indeed give us a feeling of belonging to one big global community where each of us are like kith and kin to one another, irrespective of nationality or any other considerations. Credit must go to WordPress for the exposure provided to the established, budding and aspiring writers alike. A big thanks to you!

The words are not enough to tell you, how enriched and informed my mind has become getting to know so many wonderful blogger friends. You have become such an innate part of my life that I start wondering about any of you, who hasn’t posted anything for a long time or commented or liked my post. I individually visit their blog to chek whether they have posted anything new which has slipped my eye, while glancing through the reader. I feel happy or sad, sanguine or dispaired, thoughtful or cheerful depending upon the emotions laced in your blogs. I sincerely do feel a connection with you all and always strive to tell you whatever struck my mind at any given time. I always remain eager to relate my experiences with life as one does with their close friends. Surprisingly and very endearingly so, that this friendship is not bound to any particular sex, age group or nationality. A colossal thanks to all, my friends!

The third pillar of support is the unflinching support of my family members who always encouraged me to start my blog. In fact the task of publishing and editing my blog post is done by my son and daughter respectively. My husband always make it a point by reading all my blogs and he performs the job of a critic! He also suggests some ideas for my content. So you see I’m indebted to them too! A huge thanks to them!

Last but not the least I must mention synchronized working of my heart and mind. Imagine if they start working in cross purposes, what would’ve happened to my post! Jokes apart, we all do need a harmonious working process of both the important organs of our body to think sanely and express ourselves in better way. Hope I haven’t disappointed you on that score!

Friends, I shall always strive to entertain you and inform you whatever bugs my mind and will seek your opinion and will expect more amazing and wonderful blogs from you too. Let’s all enrich each other with our life experiences and thoughts and learn to mould our selves to become a better version of what we were!

Stay happy, safe and healthy. Wishing a better, secure and sustainable future for all of us!

Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

96 thoughts on “On Reaching a Milestone!

  1. Congratulations 🙂 Its always heartening to read your blogs it’s so informative and connecting. One can relate to personal experience and look up to you for knowing other perspectives.

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  2. Big congrats Mousumi! You deserve this. Your rich writing enrich us, specially your early age real stories. Go ahead, there are many mile stones to touch. Regards

    Liked by 2 people

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