The King of Fruits.

Hello friends, for some time I wanted to tell you about an amazing summer fruit, which can be easily designated as the king of fruits! My all Indian friends can easily guess that it is none other than the mango!! If I say that the chief attraction of the quite oppressively humid Kolkata summer, for my entire family, is the variety of mangoes, available in abundance here. Be it sweet ‘Himsagar’ or the scented ‘Langra’ or the heavenly ‘Gulabkhaas’. Through the entire season we devour countless kilos of them!!

In Indian states like Bihar, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, the fascination with deliciously fleshy mangoes begins right from the childhood itself. In our adolescence, in the mango season, they were used to be dunked in a bucket full of water. We just have to bring them out, bite out the end and relish the juicy mangoes by just squeezing them out. But now my children prefer it to be properly sliced and served in a plate. They just can’t negotiate the mess while eating them whole!!

In our maternal grandfather’s place, they used to own a big mango orchard. So numerous sackful of tree ripened mangoes were supplied at home. You can imagine, what an ecstacy for all of us children. Me and my entire cousin brothers and sisters spent our summer vacations playing and eating the mangoes to our heart’s content. We even skipped breakfast by just having the fruit.

Once, after giving my board examination, we visited our eldest maternal aunt’s place. At that time my eldest maternal uncle( aunt’s husband) was posted as district magistrate of Nawada in the hinterland of Bihar. The bungalow was adorned with a huge orchard with plethora of variety of fruit trees. Though we’re sixteen year olds, long left behind our adolescent mischievous days, yet we literally had fieldays, spending most of our times outdoors. There was a small ‘Langra ‘ mango tree of grafted variety, abundantly laden with ripe mangoes. As the the branches spread out from the height of just 3-4 feet, it was easy for us to climb the tree and eat the mangoes, plucking right from the tree! It was really an amazing experience!! I still remember the taste and aroma of them.

Friends, I must tell you about the mangoes we had in Chennai. A single mango weighing 1 to 1 and half kg! They almost resembled a large ripe papaya. One variety of mango I’m yet to taste is Alphonso which is found in Maharashtra and Goa.

The tale of mango is incomplete without mentioning the world’s most expensive, ruby hued Miyazaki mangoes accidently cultivated by a couple in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The fruit is originally grown in Southern Japan. A pair of mangoes were recently auctioned for $3000. The fruit is so delicious that it just melts into the mouth. The MP couple are said to have hired security guards to protect the fruits . Now it remains to be seen how the first harvest comes out!

Wish you all enjoy the king of fruit and stay happy and blessed. Do let me know which mangoes you like most.

Adieu for now

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43 thoughts on “The King of Fruits.

  1. We have two mango trees at home. One is mallika variety and the other, Badam – also known as alphonso in Maharashtra. Mallika weighs 1-2kilos per piece.πŸ™‚ We have never bought mangoes from store until now. Many of our neighbours have mango trees at their homes so we get to taste different varieties.πŸ™‚
    I haven’t tasted the ones available in kolkata nor have I heard of those names before.
    Messy is the right way to eat mangoes but we slice it – what if some worm πŸͺ± is inside.

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    1. You must try the Langra variety, it’s so fulfilling!! Glad to know you have two mango trees of your own. It’s really great to have the fruit fresh from your own backyard!!πŸ™‚β€β€

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      1. Langra variety is highly perishable, still you can look for them in departmental stores. If you ever visit this part of India, during summer, just don’t forget to taste them!!β€πŸ’›πŸ’š


  2. I love mangoes too. It’s my favorite too. There is a mango tree at my grandparents’ place that yields delicious sweet mangoes. As far as I can remember, we never used to buy mangoes too. At home, we still don’t. But now that I’ve shifted to another city, I finally had mangoes that weren’t homegrown. Alphonso, Neelam and Banganapalli are my favourites.

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  3. Mangoes are my favourite fruit too. Wonderful post on mangoes with some nostalgic stories attached Mousumi. Mangoes eaten with hands by way of squeezing is the best way to enjoy this king of fruit πŸ˜„

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