Nature Teacher: Back to Basics.

Hello friends, today I’m reblogging my earlier post published in 25th July 2020. It’s indeed surprising the status quo remains exactly the same after passing of one full year. The topic of the blog stands as relevant as then. Please do have a read.

Today, I couldn’t help myself but smile, despite the gloom of pandemic all around, when the 76 geologists from over two dozen countries announced after a thorough research that the earth has recorded 50% less  seismic noise during the world  itself getting  locked down. Seismic noise are the vibrations or the pulse of human activities like heavy traffic, factories, concerts, football games, fireworks etc. It feels like the nature teacher has punished the errant school boys comprising the entire mankind into subsequent silence. The teacher was continuously dropping hints, warning us about the gross violations of its rules and indiscipline committed by the human race, yet they remained truants as ever. Now  the nature seems to have pushed it’s reset button and the  pupils have precipitously fallen in line. The din has turned into quiet submission .

Now  its up to us , how  we move forward. As much we mend our ways, the better. We must  let the nature breathe and our other fellow coinhabitants too as well as us!. The marine scientists are discovering that the aquatic world is thriving far better than earlier, during the lockdowns. This summer the  temperature is nowhere recorded in excess than normal and the monsoon arrived on the dot. Isn’t it the indication  of recovery  than what it is. The prescription is to revert back to basics. That doesn’t mean we should start living in caves wearing animal and tree skins! The funda is not very far than what we have learnt in our Environment Science books, only  we have to be more circumspect, disciplined and strict while enforcing the rule of nature. The chalta hai or devil may care attitude will not do.

We must be frugal while enjoying the luxuries  of life, which we have so meticulously devised for ourselves, like ACs, automobiles, other electronic equipments, reducing our air travels to bare necessity. The industrial activities should be moderated according to the basic consumption.The mindless development of tourism in ecological sensitive places like Himalayas,  Alps should  be stopped. If we do visit these places,  be remain extra cautious of not breaking any nature ‘s rule. We must mould ourselves like the  natives do and shouldn’t crave for extra comforts. Put a full stop to wasting food stuff. Buy as much clothes as we need. Restrict purchases of car to one or two per family. Opt for pool cars or public  transport. The  latter should comprise of exclusively E-vehicles. Adopt  as much  solar and other renewable energy as its available to us.

If we don’t require another chastising from nature then we must follow the above suggestions and more. As a rejoinder I must share another  piece of  news circulating of most alarming intensity, is that, China is thinking of shifting its two bio weapon laboratories from Wuhan to Pakistan, whom are quite infamous for not adhering to safety norms. I wonder what is the need of bio weapons! To rule the world? The likes of Alexander the Great and Napoleon  succeeded in their endeavors?!! China seems to be  hell bent on precipitating world’s doom or of itself only God can tell. It entirely  depends on how the world  reacts to it. We just  hope for the best.

Adieu for now.

Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

19 thoughts on “Nature Teacher: Back to Basics.

  1. Beautifully written Mousumi . Atleast from now on mankind should thrive to be in harmony with nature. Live and let live other creatures in this world should be our motto.

    Liked by 1 person

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