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The Transformation.

Hello friends, I greet you all with the painting of the exquisite beauty of nature,done by my daughter on the occasion of friendship day. A very happy friendship day to all my blogger friends. May be it is virtual but it is no less enriching than the real one. Via this WordPress platform we can exchange any thoughts and ideas that has been meandering in our minds. Sharing those thoughts in any form, whether it is poetry, column or a photographs, help others to get a glimpse of so many product of fertile minds with wich we sometimes agree and sometimes differ in our opinion. At the same time sharing some deepest feelings and experiences is in itself liberating too! Today I want to share one of them.

A few days ago a photo of me taken by my better half shook me out of an evident slumber. Actually it appeared on the whatsapp group in which all the four members of my family share. I was sitting in the sofa, with the tab opened in my hands, quite engrossed in some deep thoughts, rather oblivious of the surrounding. Sometimes we are transported to another world sitting in a place. The impromtu click of me, taken by my husband at the dining table was enough proof of that.

The saying, a picture tells a thousand tale, hold sometimes very true. It conveys the message more discreetly than thousand word of explanation. The creased and pensive face of me, reflected from the photo disturbed me. I just couldn’t accept the changes brought upon me by the recent events. As I have already told you that me and my husband tested positive for the unholy virus on the first week of May. The events afterwards were so much filled with anxiety and trepidation that it had evidently taken a toll on my psych. The relaxed attitude was replaced by incessant bouts of worrying about the uncertainty and confusion of situation.

All the efforts by my husband and children to instill the assurance in me that everything is going to be alright were going in vain. I was reduced to a nervous wreck. But that one picture had done the trick. It jolted me out of the stupor. I realised what a mess I was becoming and how my near and dear ones are getting affected by that. I resolved myself to retrace my steps.

I had totally abandoned taking care of myself. Slowly I started following a beauty regimen. If you look good, it instill a sense of confidence. Whenever some worry took hold of me, I indulged myself in some vigorous household works. It improved the ambience of my home and heart, alike. I actively participated in the small talks with my family. It helped me open up the demons of worry and slay them subsequently. My daughter being a qualified doctor, helped a lot to dispel the misconception and fears of post covid health complications.

Now,friends, I can tell you with a degree of self confidence that I am on the path of recovery by body, heart and mind. If we resolve to repair than every thing become possible. I wanted to convey the same to you. The self improvement is a continuous process, we must not loose our way.

Hope, you all are doing well with your lives. We must always strive to make it a lot better.

Stay safe and happy.

Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

38 thoughts on “The Transformation.

  1. Moving, forthcoming, and reflective writing, Mousumi. Your worry is understandable and your story reminds us how worry can consume us, which ultimately achieves nothing. I am happy to read that you are on a path of recovery. May that continue for you. πŸ’

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  2. Your daughter is beautifully talented. What a brilliant piece of art.

    It’s alright to worry at some extent. Nut what matter the most is how you’re gonna take it. Your family is your strength. You’ll be better.

    Take care and best wishes. Hope we’ll see more of your daughter’s talent.

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