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Who’s fault is it anyway?

Hello friends, yesterday the whole world was shocked to see the views of the unfortunate happenings in Kabul airport in Afghanistan. After the capitulation of the Ashraf Ghani government, in the hands of Taliban, the hapless citizens looked so miserable and helpless in their very own country. Thousands of people were so afraid and desperate to leave their mother land, scrambling to get a place in American C- 17 globemaster military plane to escape the wrath of the militia regime. The American soldiers, taking the temporary control of the airport, were unable to handle the surge of people trying to flee.

The most heartbreaking was the fall of three men from the sky, clinging at the stow away, as the plane took off. The innocent citizens are suffering so much without any fault of their’s. Who is to blame for this uncertain situation of the Afghan people?

After twenty long years of America’s so called war on terrorism , the end was nothing short of a fiasco. In President Biden’s own words the nation building was not on their agenda. So the nation never learnt to stand on it’s own. When the NATO forces chose to leave, the prop up is gone, and the government fell like a pack of cards without any credible defence. The billions of dollars spent by America , it seems has gone down the drain, or we could say in hard cash along with the fleeing former President Ashraf Ghani and others in power!

The common people remained as impoverished as ever, mere pawns at the hands of movers and shakers. No say in carving their own destiny. The power game is still on. The situation is unfolding. The countries like China, Russia and Turkey are looking to spread their influence. Afterall the strategic and trade benefits of Afghanistan is too lucrative to be ignored.

The women of Afghanistan are the chief collateral damage in this tussle. Their education , career and above all freedom is at stake, in the rule of Taliban. Let’s hope they could redeem their place in the society and the citizens live in comparative peace, under the new regime. Or is it too much to ask from them!!!


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

17 thoughts on “Who’s fault is it anyway?

  1. The problem of Afghanistan is that every other powerful country including USA went there not for love if people but in pursuit of their own vested interests.
    It is amazing that a super power like USA could not cut off the supply line of weapons and finances to Taliban in their 20 years stay in the country.
    You have rightly said all neighbours are looking for their own flesh of pound in Afghanistan no one is interested in peace.
    It is clear that Taliban are there to stay. This time so far they have not indulged in killings or spreading hatred . Enforcement of Shariyat should not be viewed as a negative step , it is peace which should matter more.
    A fear of unknown prevails in Afghanistan and foreign media is leaving no stone unturned to spread it more.
    The way ahead is for the world to work with Taliban , find a via media to help growth of peace.
    Yes , it is the women who suffer most in such situations and I hope better sense prevails this time around and the rulers that be do not suppress them .
    Let us pray for Afghanistan
    Time alone will tell who is the bigger evil, Russia, USA, China , Pakistan, the media or the Taliban.
    Stay blessed Mousumi.

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  2. Mousoumi, an excellent summary of a tragic situation in Afghanistan. Hopefully, the international community will unite to put pressure on the Taliban to keep their promises. The sincerity of these promises is doubtful, in my opinion!

    In answer to your question, I think there is enough blame to go around. It’s what we do now that matters most. Although I wish the US had used diplomacy and aid to bring about humanitarian reforms rather than engaging in twenty years of conflict, that is hindsight.

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  3. Now a days Afghanistan is going through a tragic situation and the people are suffering a lot. Now we can only hope soon everything will be okay . Well written πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸŒΉ

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