The Circle of Violence

Hello friends, hope you all are hale and hearty. The tragic and horrific suicide bombing in Afghanistan airport where scores of innocent Afghan civilians and American soldiers were killed, has left everybody gasping in shock. Even when Corona hasn’t yet relented its hold on mankind, this sorry development was entirely uncalled for. I just fail to fathom, what satisfaction the perpetrators of such heinous crime , drew from the ghastly act. There is a Bengali proverb, “morar opor kharar ghaa,” which means inflicting dagger wounds on the dead.

The Afghan citizens, who are almost scared to death and desperate to leave their own country to escape the tyranny of the Taliban, had been subjected to such atrocities. I learnt that the suicide bomber was carrying a hefty 11 kg bomb under his robe, such hell bent intention on causing destruction and death. I don’t think any religion warrants these mass murders in the name of God.

There seems to be a competition going on in Afghanistan in coveting the spot of being the deadliest. When Taliban were reluctantly trying to show their moderate and tolerant ways, the ISIS-K has gone one step forward in showing the ugly radical ways. There seems to be newer and more fatal form of terrorism and radicalism evolving out of the old one. Then, this is the natural law of evolution!

If you encourage and give shelter to terrorism they are bound to go extreme lengths to achieve their agenda. Sometimes out of control, like the monster created by Frankenstein! A few countries still fail to realise that violence always beget violence. If you throw stones at others, don’t ever expect flowers in return. There must be some states who are providing financial and moral support to the terrorists albeit covertly, should not gloat over the deaths. Because when the poisonous snake got nobody to kill, it will bite back the hands who have reared them so far. They are taught nothing but to kill.

Source : TOI

Friends, let’s hope this cycle of violence stops someday and people involved, are finally able to see reason on the futility of it and desist from it. Am I hoping for too much?

Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

21 thoughts on “The Circle of Violence

  1. Very well expressed Mousumi. Yes, violence only generates more violence, it will never lead to real peace. Alas, some people just refuse to understand it. No one can be scared to submission fir long through terrorist means .
    Stay blessed always

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