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A Glimpse of Rural Bengal

Hello friends, recently we had an opportunity to spend few days, completely in rural setting, the experience was simply enlightening. The place is a small village called Kamarpara, adjacent to the town of Bolpur, Santiniketan in Bengal. Just imagine how thrilling it would be to spend the night in a two storied mud house made entirely with clay and wood, even the floor was mud finished, covered with bamboo mats. For the folks like us, who are devoid of any rural roots, it was like bouquet of pristine nature and lush greenary gifted to us

Water Lillies in a pond

The dining room was also a thatched hut adorning bamboo tablesand sitting area made of clay. But, thankfully, the bathroom and the rooms were fitted with enough modern amenities  to meet our needs and convenience.

The dining hut
The cute ducks

The place of my description is actually a rural homestay in Kamarpara, Sisubagan, called Kalabhumi, run by an NGO,who are diligently working for rural upliftment specially the women folks. Friends, when we decided to go there, many people were wondering what we will see there, when the world famous university, Biswabharoti, Santiniketan, set up by Nobel lauret, Rabindranath Tagore, is closed indefinitely due to pandemic. Believe me, there were so many breathtakingly beautiful scenes to behold, for which rural Bengal ie famous for, that we were totally happy and contented with what we have seen and experienced. The added advantage was, our trip members included the family of my youngest brother in law, so it was like living an extended family reunion.

Clay art
Waterlily in a pot
Petting a goat kid
The monkeys

If  we would have been there, just for exploring the village, might have nothing to complain about. The morning walks in the green grounds in the precinct with various birds chirping at the trees, the pink water Lillies, bloomed in full glory in a near by natural pond,the tiny goat kids, ducklings and calves jumping and trotting around their elders,the innocent,happy and welcoming faces of the villagers ,the bright sunlight and unadulterated air could have easily made our days worthwhile. We spent our evenings at the green lawns in such a relaxed and serene atmosphere that we almost glowed with inner peace and well-being. The added bonus must be the amazing food which tasted like the homemade one and we all savored it to our hearts content.

Friends I shall tell you what more we had seen there in my upcoming blog. So please stay tuned.
Wish you all happiness and good health.
Adieu for now.


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