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Way to ‘Happily Ever After’

Hello friends, when two people fall in love and get married, it’s the ultimate happy ending of any romance. But in fact the real story starts right after the matrimony, both belonging to different set of upbringing and habituated to separate lifestyle, start sharing their life with each other. In zest, a common reference is that a bride initially remains as gentle as moon faced( chandramukhi) then progresses to become a fiery sunflower  ( surya mukhi) and ultimately turn to fierce volcano ( jwalamukhi) in her interactions with her husband!

Jokes apart, a marriage is indeed an expedition to unknown territory for both the sides and the success of it, greatly depends on how well they figure out each other during the process. In the contemporary world, young couple tend to be much more restive than their earlier counterparts and less amenable to compromises and adjustments, one has to resort to, for the durability of the alliance called marriage. Here are some suggestions, I want to share with you, which can be helpful to the new entrants to the holy matrimony.

Important elements of happy marriage:
1. A happy marriage is understanding that your relationship is bigger than your pride or ego.
2. Consciously set aside time for togetherness- to talk, show interest in each other,  indulge in shared activities.
3.  Stop taking the relationship for granted. The occasional praise and gesture of admiration cement the affection and nurture the relationship further.
4.  A mature outlook to marriage is to appreciate similarities and accept differences. For happily ever after- accept your spouse as you accept yourself.
5. Try not not to be overtly judgemental which could lead to your partner resorting to lie and pretentions.
6.  Forgiveness is a wonderful trait to keep love and harmony in a relationship.
7.  Try your best not to utter harsh and humiliating words in anger, to your spouse, the ensuing hurt can linger like a festering wound, may last for a lifetime too!
8. Get to know each other’s trigger points very early and avoid stepping over these landmines or tread with caution.
9. Pay attention  to the healthy criticism and act positively to remove them from your nature and behavior.
10. A load of patience, courage, understanding and perseverance is very much required for the relationship to go smoothly through the trials and tribulation called life.
11. Share the responsibility of running a household and consult each other before taking any major decision. Remaining evasive about your intentions can prove detrimental.
12. There must be a balance between giving space to your spouse and involvement and interference into each other’s domain.
12. Try lending a genuine ear to the woes and difficulties faced by each other in their respective workfronts and discuss ways to overcome them.

The list may be endless but one must remain ingenious while carving out ways to make the  sculpture called marriage a beautiful, endearing and lasting piece of art. If two people decide to walk together towards a common destiny then why not make the travel as smoother and as happier as possible. Then only one could have a proper ending of ‘happily ever after’.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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