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The Tale of a Rescued Dog.

“Whoso wreaks injury with a rod/ On creature fain for happiness/ When the self hereafter he seeks for happiness/ Not his, it may be, happiness to win.” – Udana.

Hello friends, yesterday, October 4, was celebrated as world animal day, the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. It was started in Germany in 1925. It is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare. In this context the I found the above mentioned quote highly relevant. We get to see people who are very attached to animal and their welfare, some are simply indifferent and few are outright cruel towards animal in general. It’s the last category, who must be castigated and publicly shamed by the society.

There are people who treat their pets, even stray animals with utmost care and compassion. I have heard about some benevolent persons, arranging for meals specially cooked for the stray animals and travel the entire city to serve the hot meal to them at the specific locations. Some people buy packets of biscuits and distribute it among the dogs or provide medical aid and shelter to the ailing ones.

I must tell you about one of my nephew, who took the responsibility of a foster parent for a rescued dog, unill it’s taken for adoption, while staying in Bangalore, for his job. But subsequently he got so attached to the serially abused dog, while nursing it to health that he decided to keep it for himself and named him Coco. He began tending Coco as his own child. During the work from home phase, he decided to relocate to his parent’s place in Kolkata and brought Coco along with him.

His parents were a little apprehensive about the matter, initially, but in no time, the well behaved Coco won their affection too! Now Coco got a whole family to pamper him. Earlier he was so cruelly treated that sometimes the past trauma gets reflected in his behavior, like getting agitated by even a loving pet on specific parts of his body. I found Coco’s eyes so expressive and his behavior all endearing to us, when we visited them.

Friends, it’s really heartening to see a young man so caring and loving towards a hapless creature. It proves that the young generation is indeed compassionate towards the stray and ill treated animals. It’s really a commendable act of generosity, indeed!

Coco Now

It’s fact that people who mistreat animals and hurt them, do not deserve to be happy. How could they forget, they have the souls too, just like us! They equally become happy when loved and pained when tortured. Those people must refrain or compelled to refrain from violence and mistreatment of animals. We shouldn’t remain a silent bystander, if got to witness such ghastly act commited by someone, in fear of getting embroiled in an uugly altercation. Because such unscrupulous people have no compunction in mistreating humans too. One must raise the voice of protest against it and make them see reason.

Thanks for reading the post. I wish you all health and happiness.

Adieu for now.


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An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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