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A Roadtrip to Remember.

Hello friends, it’s been awhile since I posted something. Hope you all are doing well. It was a matter of great fortune that we managed to take a festive trip to my in-law’s place. That’s a long road trip from Kolkata to Bhagalpur by car, my  husband proudly occupying the driver’s seat! Believe me, we had a whale of time undertaking it. See, when someone is confined for a long period of time, then allowed a sudden freedom, the person is bound to go delirious with happiness. We were feeling no different! We relished each and every small things like staring at the winding road or the passing  scenery, or taking a hot sip of tea in the road-side dhaba. Every thing felt new and fresh.

The scenic view

I must remind you that we were following all the safety protocol of the pandemic down the way. We took a night stop over at a small resort where rooms were made of mud, in a small village near Bolpur, Shantiniketan. We also had two days detour here,along with the family of my brother in law, while returning back. I will tell you about it in my next blogs to come. I just can tell you that living in a mud house made completely with clay and wood including stairs and an additional floor, the rustic feeling was absolutely mind blowing.

The Masanjore Dam

Our next stoppage was a small food stall, situated just beside the scenic dam in Masanjore. You can imagine,  how heavenly, the simple bread, butter and omelette  tasted, sitting beside a vast water front surrounded by small lush hills. What more we could have asked for.

Tea in a kullar(earthen cup)

Friends as the human life is all about ups and downs, our trip had also some scary downside. As we were passing through, Dumka in Jharkhand, we were asked to take a diversion as a bridge was lying broken for the past six months. The administration didn’t bother to repair it as few vehicles were plying on the road due to pandemic. By the way, the diversion we were suggested passed literally through the court yards of the rural folks, then came the cliffhanger.  When we were coming down a small bridge  a SUV  from the opposite side was gesturing frantically to move back. Suddenly the reality dawned on us(the persons in the passenger seat so to say) the road was a single one, and my husband had to drive in back gear to the inclined height to the top of the small bridge. A miniscule error from his side would send our car hurtling down the edges of the road and we would have been stuck to that God forsaken place without any prospect of towing us back again on the road. All those present there were shouting, their throat gone hoarse, directing the driver, that is my hubby, how to negotiate the steep incline, backwards without any room for maneuvering. When at last our car reached the bridge safely, we realised that our throats had become bone dry and hearts pounding like a hammer.

Afterwards, we were practically unable to utter a single word for the next half an hour or so, being shell-shocked by the horror of the crisis. But these things are indeed one of the part of the adventure called a roadtrip. We must take them in our stride and move on .

When we ultimately, reached our destination, the sigh of relief was so huge and palpable that every body around took note of it, then followed the gush of joy of homecoming, the long overdue family reunion. Each one greeting the other at the same time the ensuing laughters and happy cacophony of voices is really something to remember. The details of which I shall tell you afterward. Till then stay happy and safe.

Adieu for now.


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An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

28 thoughts on “A Roadtrip to Remember.

  1. What an interesting trip, Moushumi! So glad you made it safely. I was remembering many long road trips like this one in the past, (including Massanjore many years ago, as a kid) when the roads could be quite unpredictable. Great reading, thanks for sharing.😊

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