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The garden on a table!

Hello friends, It’s the first day of December and I greet you all with the photos of the small green corner created by my daughter, right in her bedroom. The space constraints in today’s flats prevent us from having a lush garden of our own ( though most of the housing society boast of a common garden). Having some plants of your own is just like tending to one’s pets. My daughter pampers and adores the small motley of plants just like one takes care of their pets.

There was a spare centre table, which was lying in her room. One fine day I found she was scouting my kitchen for empty glass jars and out of use plastic containers. On providing some, she filled them with water and cut some stems of the decorative plants grown at the little patch attached with our balcony. In this way her small hydroponics ( a kind of horticulture in water, without soil) garden was set on the spare table.

Initially I looked at her enthusiasm with little doubt, as far as its success was concerned. Fortunately the side is adorned with large glass windows and that too east facing. So ample sunlight is available, resultantly, soon the plants started shooting off new roots and leaves and her elation new no bounds.

Out of her taxing internship schedule, she scooped out time to change the waters of the jars, brushing the roots in stipulated time (she learnt the technique thanks to social media), cutting the dried leaves. Learning about her venture, her elder uncle provided her some potted decorative plants from his garden. Her father also bought some plants for her. She also visited the nursery with her friends and bought some flower pots with her own money.

Friends, I never imagined she would have such a green thumb just like her father. As the photos must tell the table has become fairly overcrowded, yet the apetite of the father daughter duo is far from quenched. Recently my hubby added a large Arica palm plant to the group. Naturally it failed to get a place in the table.

Now I wonder πŸ€”, where the next likely addition would be adjusted. Yet, they look so wonderful and refreshing in the glow of sparkling sun, that I’m still getting on with my role as an admiring audience. But sometimes I fear we may get inundated with plants!! Jokes apart, I liked the concept of table garden so much that I decided to share it with you.

Hope, you also liked the idea. One thing I can assure you that the plants brings a sense of calmness, peace and lots of positive energy. Indulging oneself in growing plants is one of the great stress buster and beholding them sprouting new leaves and flowers brings a kind of happiness we dearly need, specially in current environment.

Wish you all remain healthy and happy.

Adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

18 thoughts on “The garden on a table!

  1. I too love plants a lot, I still remember I use to spend time with plants after the school. I even planted tomatoes and chillies too. Roses were my favourite and I still miss those days. Your daughter garden in a table is so beautiful☺️❀️

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  2. A lovely green post for December Mousumi. Completely agree with you that growing plants at home is a stress buster. I live in a place where winters are very harsh and hence have a lot of indoor plants. Everytime I see a new leaf or bud , it brings me warmth and peace , some sort of excitement and satisfaction that cannot be described by words. Growing plants at home is like nurturing small children at home .

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