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Power of Love: Part 2

Hello friends, here I bring to you the second part of Mahira’ s story. As a recap of my previous post, I must tell you that the young woman brought up by her maternal uncle, was married off. Only to find harsh words, hostility and rudeness from her husband. Mahira was totally confused how to go about tackling the situation. She was liiving under a spell of perpetual terror as to when her husband would get offended and she has to bear the brunt, which was rather more often than not.

Mahira had never imagined she would be trapped like this and with each passing day the circumstances were turning bad to worse. One day, her sister in law came visiting her, and enquired about her well-being. She just couldn’t hold herself back and started weeping profusely putting her head on her shoulder.

With a grave look of concern, evidently crestfallen, her sister in law made her sit and said to her in rueful voice, holding her hands, ” You don’t need to say anything. I know that my brother is the culprit behind all your unhappiness. “

She then told Mahira, how she and her brother were subjected to acute torture, right from their childhood, in the hands of their step mother. She tried her level best to shield her little brother from her abuse, while their father stayed a mute spectator or preferred to look away.

Sometimes they went without food and bitten up mercilessly on a slightest pretext. The ordeal continued till her brother got a job and married her off. They have severed all ties from their parents since then, yet the damage was done. Her brother became a woman hater in general considering her, only as an exception

She took a long sigh,” I thought, by marrying him off might change his views, but I am sorely proven wrong” She looked at Mahira with guilt filled eyes, “I thought that he will get enchanted with you and mend his ways and you would be spared these gory details. But his hate for woman kind seems to be more deep rooted than I imagined. How can I make him see reason?”

Mahira felt that the sky was gradually clearing. Now she was privy to the root cause, could surely device a way out of the murky situation. She was not prepared to quit the battlefield before giving a strong fight.

After the return of her sister in law, she got down the business. She began with the house itself. After her husband was off to office, she got the whole house to herself and concentrated to give a happy, cheerful make over to the surrounding. She tucked here and chucked there and infused her special personal touche to the decor.

She felt quite satisfied by the end result. Now, she had to concentrate on her cooking skill . She had heard that the surest way to man’ s heart is through his stomach!

I shall tell you more about her in my next post. Till then, adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

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