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The Checkmate Stratagem.

Cover Pic ctsy: My daughter Riya

Hello friends, I greet you all with the blissful glimpse of the serene and pristine monsoon sky. Through it, I just want to remind me and you that no matter how dark and ominous the clouds hovering around, they will eventually dissipate and bright blue sky will smile again. Let the majestic sky be the harbinger of the triumph of mankind over the hideous yet invisible enemy!

As a gentle reminder, the war is not over untill the final bugle is sounded. The complacency on our part can be detrimental to the mission and we have to remain on our guards untill it’s accomplished. It’s quite natural for us to be impatient to break the shackles of our homebound isolation. But by turning out in droves in public places and vaccationing without following the appropriate safety protocols of masking up, social distancing and vaccination will weaken our campaign comprehensively.

The past weekend my whole family too, craved for an outing and eating out, yet we decided against it and stayed put at home. As a consolation we ordered food from a well-known restaurant, lighted an aromatic candle and put some fresh flowers in the dining table vase and the ambience was complete with the soft music playing in the background. It was indeed a welcome change in the monotony of our homebound life. We can be as ingenious as can be, to brighten our lives while sticking to safe behavior. This will certainly thwart the further march of the marauding virus.

The premature celebration can push us towards the another wave and we have to prevent that. Let’s be as cautious as we were for some more time, break the chain of infection and the pandemic would become a thing of the past. If we are resolute about it then the virus is bound to be relegated to oblivion. That would be our real and hard-earned victory and we would certainly be free to celebrate our independence in whatever way we want.

Vaccination and responsible behavior from all must be our chekmate stratagem to beat the unholy microbe!!

Wishing you all safety, health and happiness, adieu for now.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

41 thoughts on “The Checkmate Stratagem.

  1. Due to the lack of patience we are already going for the fifth wave…
    There you say a phrase I really like: in the end everything will be fine, and unless it’s not the end.
    (I write with an automatic translator, I don’t know if you understand everything…)

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    1. I understood and liked what you meant in the phrase. You are right we must wait for the end and it would happen when the chain of infection is broken. God willing,the end of pandemic would surely come.πŸ™

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  2. You’re right. The skies will eventually clear up and we shouldn’t give any reason for the virus to agree more people. But the moment restrictions are relaxed, people will flout all covid regulations and gather like pre-covid times. What you are saying is perfectly sensible. I’m in complete agreement. Stay safe!

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  3. An excellent reminder that the fight is not over yet!
    American baseball legend Yogi Berra once commented on a baseball game – “It ain’t over till it’s over”. And that’s something I find valid everywhere.

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  4. Hey!
    I am hosting a little blog party to celebrate 3 years of blogging and 1000 followers and you are invited! The post will be live tomorrow (Sunday) at 8PM IST.
    Hope to see you there!:)

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  5. Loved this Mousimi. Unfortunately, though, your voice and perspective is rare amongst the people who are eager to bend the rules and get out again as soon as possible. Here’s to more vaccinations, social distancing and mask wearing, until we can be confident this is all over!


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