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For the Happier Ambience

“If dark and ominous thoughts start residing in your psyche, then you are consciously polluting your own heart and mind ” – My mother in law.

Hello friends, for a full two years very few people can boast that they are not adversely affected by the unfortunate and unprecedented developments, which has almost swamped the mankind. The anxiety and worry about the safety of our near and dear ones has become our constant companion. I am also the victim of the malaise, sometimes I get so worked up by the attack of anxiety that sleep eludes my eyes for the entire stretch of night.

My all determination to instill a strong mettle in me and deal life with courage, goes for a toss whenever any member of my family even sneezes or coughs or have a blocked nose. A whole lot of dark thoughts start rushing in like a torrent and the panic sets in . I was mentioning about it to my mother in law during our telephonic conversation.

As I have told you earlier that my mother in law is my friend, philosopher and guide. Whenever I find myself in trouble I immediately turn to her for solace. The one who is nearing ninety is still my pillar of strength. For such long years of life she had dealt all the happiness and sorrow thrown in her lot with calm determination and strong will. She is more than a role model for me and I consider her a true teacher.

When she told me that I am polluting my mind and heart by harbouring negative thoughts, it led me to ponder, how absolutely spot on she is with her surmise. We become our own enemies by going on worrying because worry and anxiety do not serve any cause other than harming our physical and mental well being.

Feeling low and depressed is detrimental  to our physical and as well as mental health. In this tough times we must all strive to keep our sanity intact. I urge myself and you all to dispense with the negative and brooding thoughts and take proactive steps to bring in as much happiness and cheer to us and all around us.

We have to consciously keep our external as well as internal environment pollution free. Like the fumes of our automobiles our dark thoughts are toxic too. Keeping away from both of them as much as we could have only advantages. Why not pledge to incorporate the good habbits in our lives as a resolution of a new year!

I would like to know your thoughts about this. Till then, keep smiling and spread  it far and wide.
Stay safe and happy. Adieu for now.

Pc – Riya Mukherjee.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

18 thoughts on “For the Happier Ambience

  1. Inspiring message Mousumi. The vicious circle of infective waves have pulled us down in many ways. Being grateful for the present in-spite of all the odds is the best solution for now.

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  2. It’s a beautiful, apt, eye-opening post. Years of experience reflects in your mother-in-law’s wise thoughts. She is absolutely correct. This is a post meant for everyone who wants to give up pessimism.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Aparna for your encouraging words. I think pessimism can make us only brood for our future. Being optimistic and taking positive and corrective action to reverse the trend is the best option at this juncture.

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  3. Absolutely!
    We must take care of our mental health and well-being. Accepting the fact that we are thinking negatively is a great start because most of the time we are unaware of our thought patterns.
    Great reminder Mousumi. Thanks a lot for sharing this inspirational and eye-opening post🌸

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    1. You see, negative thoughts spread their tentacles so deep into our psyche that it becomes really difficult to root it out. It’s indeed a struggle but we have to stay strong and determined to recognize the enemy and cast them away.
      Thank you Deeksha for your appreciation πŸ’“

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    1. Thanks a lot for your kind appreciation. I shall feel very happy if it brings peace of mind in my reader’s mind, because in current stressfull time, it has become quite elusive.
      Regards and best wishes to you tooπŸ™


  4. Thank you so much Mousumi ji.
    I will be happy to read more.
    These kind of posts are required for the society to bring peace and harmony.
    I am writing posts on Advaita Vedanta. Vedanta philosophy is one of the path towards eternal peace.
    If you find time then please visit my website and read posts. You may like those.
    Regards πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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    1. I have already read a couple of your post. It’s is really unique in itself. There is much treasure of knowledge hidden in our ancient scriptures of Vedas and Upanishads. The young generation must be aware of our rich heritage.
      Your blog is a perfect step towards that. I congratulate you for your effort.
      Thanks again. πŸ™


      1. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.
        Young generation must have the knowledge of Vedanta philosophy. That is why I am trying to make it simple and like to share through social media.
        Thanks a lot for your comments which is very inspiring.

        Liked by 1 person

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