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Worshipping Lord Shiva

Featured photo: “Ardhnarishwar” painting by my daughter)

Today is the auspicious day of Maha Shiva Ratri, to commemorate the marriage of Lord Shiva( the God of Gods) with the Goddess Parvati. In fact, both are depicted as Ardhanariswar(one half Lord Shiva and other half Goddess Parviti). It symbolizes that both male and female are incomplete without the other one. In fact, they complement each other to wholeness.

To celebrate the day, we observe fast and worship Shivalinga(symbol of divine union of Shiva- Parvati) by performing ‘abhisheka’. It’s the ritual of smearing the Shivalinga with ghee(clarified butter), honey and then bathed with milk and water. Followed by applications of sandal wood paste and then Shiva’s favorite ‘bel patra'(woodapple leaf), flowers, fruits and sweets are offered to the Shivalinga.

Lord Shiva is also known as Ashutosh that means, He can be appeased by a little effort and devotion on our part. The only condition is we must worship him with pure and true heart.

Friends, for the believers like me, I strongly have faith on a Supreme Power, which is manifested in different forms we happen to worship, whether it’s Lord Shiva, Jesus or Allah. We pray to them to seek solace, happiness and well being. Meditating any one of them is our path to salvation.

On  this holy day let’s pray to God for peace, happiness, health and prosperity to all. Nobody remains enemy anymore. Universal brotherhood, friendship and equality must be our mode of interaction with each other.
‘Omh Namah Shivaai’


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

38 thoughts on “Worshipping Lord Shiva

  1. Beautiful and vibrant painting, Mousumi! Kindly convey my compliments to Riya.
    It’s the perfect epitome of the chant “Har har Mahadev!” There is Mahadev in everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

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