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Cheers to the Women.

Hello friends, I wish Happy Women’s day to all my friends in advance. As any celebration remains incomplete without everyone joining in, so let’s mark the occasion together. Let’s raise the proverbial toast for the health, happiness and well being of all. For all my women friends in particular, out there, I specially wish for more power, love, wisdom, patience and perseverance to run the journey called life with more aplomb and effciency, side by side to their menfolks.

Friends if we compare ourselves with the medieval times, womem have come a long and arduous way to establish her credibility and importance. At that time, as far as Indian society was concerned, her place was in the andar mahal (inner sanctum) and men’s place was at the baithak khana(sitting room) surrounded by their other men friends. Women would only get to see their men at the meal times, that too the limelight was generally hogged by the matriarch and older ladies of the household while the young wives hovered at the periphery. The latter ones got to interact with their husbands only in the darkness of the night when everybody retired for the night.

Friends, today we women have come a long way to become two equal wheels, along with our respective life partners, in running a household and taking decisions together. As I earlier said that it’s mostly the women’s prerogative as a mother to mould her children’s personality and their way of thinking right from the infancy. She can inculcate the moral discipline and the idea of gender equality and mutual respect in her kids, so that they grow on to become responsible citizens.

We can become a source of strength to men as mother, daughter, sister, wife or a friend. It’s indeed a woman’s selfless love and dedication which compels the man to reciprocate her feelings.

As modern women have mostly become active in various professions, alongside managing the home affairs, I wish them more strength and success in negotiating all her responsibilities with equal elan. I also want to remind them to share the duties and chores with men to avoid getting exhausted or burnt out.

And yes, I would like to remind women not to forget to find some me time to rejuvenate themselves. Try to keep the woman in you, remain bubbly, energetic and youthful as ever, whatever age-group you happen to belong.

Happines, health and peace to you all!!

Adieu for now.



Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

35 thoughts on “Cheers to the Women.

    1. Greetings to you too, Indira. I specially salute the brave women like you who are doing their duties both at home and at their profession with equal elan. It’s indeed a tough job balancing both pf them, hope you get enough support from your other half?!!😊

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