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In Memoriam, My Mother.

Cover art of my parents, by my daughter (follow her art on instagram-

Hello friends, wish you all a very happy mother’s day. Stay happy and safe and follow all the safety protocols. I am reblogging my earlier post on my mother. Do give it a kind read.

Reminiscing the person, who had given birth to you, what better way is there to mark the day you were born, specially if the aforementioned person is no longer with you. Do I need to elaborate? It may be as clear as a bright morning that I’m talking about Mother, the eternal fountain of life. The very means, you and I exist in this world.

I am certainly not reducing the importance of a father but you see, apart from sowing the seed of life, his physical involvement practiclly ends there in the process of an embryo turning to a full grown baby inside the womb.. It’s the mother who nurtures a unicellular being with her own blood, to raise such an intricatetely woven human form.

Isn’t it magical in itself! A unique phenomenon, beyond explanation. A father has to wait for the birth of the baby to establish an emotional bond but a mother have it right from the conception. She can relate subconsciously to the tiny life form taking shape in her womb. As a mother myself I can frankly assure you that it’s a privilege a woman relishes, despite of all the pains she has to bear during the childbirth and all through. So no pain and a little less gain for the father! What say?

Friends, a girl comes to realise the importance of a mother when she gets married and the actual meaning when she becomes a mother herself. Whan a woman starts juggling with the husband, in laws, household responsibilities, dealing with ever absent house maids,and afterwards the entry of the children , she finally rediscovers what being a mother truly means.

It happened with me too. After marriage I began to bond with my mother in a more substantial way. Before marriage it was as usual mother daughter differences of opinion, the equation altered after the vital change in a woman’s life. I had to share with her each and every new proceedings in my life. She became my friend with whom I could share my joys, griefs and take suggestions.

It was endearing when she also started to give importance to my views and opinions, no longer taking me as a grown up kid as she used to do earlier . I felt truely mature while comining of age. The birth of my children was the means to strengthen the bond furthermore. We understood each other like one soul two bodies. If sometimes she was sad and avoided it’s intimation to me, I invariably became sad, almost like telepathy. I felt ecstatic when any of my deeds brought smile on her face.

You come to realise the true importance of a tooth, when its no longer there to help you chew. I suddenly felt a great void when she abruptly departed us in her sleep more than ten years ago. She was such strong woman that it was beyond my imagination to see her lifeless form. I couldn’t come to terms with her loss, in fact I still don’t. In spite of the passage of so many years, the pain of her turning silent forever is still aching a corner of my heart.

If anything could bring my mother back, just for once, so that I could say a proper goodbye to her. It  might have assuaged me somewhat, but I know it is not to be and it still hurts.

Friends, the above pencil portrait of my parents was gifted to me by my daughter first thing in the morning, on my last birthday. So they say – “The legacy goes on”.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

73 thoughts on “In Memoriam, My Mother.

  1. You are right, a mother has relationship of nine months more with her offsprings compared to the father. Happy birthday! Congratulations to your daughter too. Stay blessed!!

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    1. In Bangla, it is called the attachment of umbilical cord between the mother and her child, a privilege for the former for bearing the latter for nine months, a special bond. Thanks a lot from me and my daughter. You also stay safe and happy along with your near and dear ones.

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  2. I lost my father but I still have my mother…but I couldn’t see her for a long time because of this pandemic. She’s in nursing home. I miss her and she always asks when I am coming there (she got alzheimer’s and don’t remember this situation were living in).

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  3. What a beautiful post!!
    It touched my heart
    very well said that mother has an emotional bond. We should always cherish every moment with our mother (and father).
    I also love the art made my your daughter, no other gift can ever match it 🙂

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  4. Love your post, Mousumi. Beautiful portrait by your daughter. Sadly, I did not enjoy that mother and daughter-turned mother relationship that you describe so beautifully in your post. My mother was living in the USA when I gave birth to my two sons in our homeland of Guyana. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rosaliene for your generous comment. It’s really sad that you didn’t get the support system of a mother at hand. I did get it but wasn’t able to keep it for long. We have to accept the reality and move forward.
      It’s really commendable that you raised your sons on your own, it proves , what a courageous mother you are! Happy Mother’s day to you too!!❤

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  5. Dear Mausmi ji,
    I am William Knight, due to some unforseen circumstances my previous account has been hacked and I lost touch with your writings. I hope t
    My new account will preserve the essence of writings here.
    Warm regards

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    1. Her grandmother would have been over the moon, had she seen the drawing with her own eyes. But sadly it wasn’t the case.
      The appreciation showered by you are really valuable. Thanks on behalf of my daughter and me. 🙂❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She is proud wherever she is. Her well-wishes are with you and your family! It’s my pleasure to be a part of your blog, Mousumi. Stay happy🥰🥰🌸


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