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Reconnecting with Friends!

Hello friends,  I wish you all a very happy Friendship Day. Since this is a day to celebrate friendship,  how can I let go of the opportunity to reconnect with you all. Saying the truth,  l missed you all dearly. But sometimes we just get swept over by the circumstances that we couldn’t do the things we cherish to do.

I think I was never this long from posting anything, believe me, it was literally an avalanche of activities and I just went with the flow. As I told you earlier that I joined a school as a middle school teacher, and taking exams, correcting copies, making mark slips, attending the parents teacher meeting had practically drained me.

It was really taxing to adhere to the set deadlines but anyhow, it was over and done with. It was like organizing a ceremony, the culmination of which leave you exhausted. A breather of this weekend is a hugely welcome occurrence to me!

So I am here among you. I would like to read each and every post of yours, time permitting. Being away this long from the blogging world was like keeping a part of your life in a limbo. Even my family was enquiring, whether I left it altogether! Writing this one feels like rediscovering your lost footing.

To tell you the the truth I am going to get busy with completing the syllabus and getting ready for the half yearly examinations,  besides looking after my family.  It’s indeed a bonus that I have joined school when my children are all grown up.

One matter which is keeping me concerned though, is that, my hubby suffering from low back pain due to compressed disc problem. It’s been ardous sessions of physiotherapy, exercises and taking the opinions of several doctors. Being my daughter in this profession is indeed of a great help. He is improving. I pray to God that he gets completely cured.

So friends do tell me how are you all? I would very much like to know about you. This interactions are in a way therapeutic. It is like chatting with friends with whom you lost connection for a time being.

Shall try to find time to write blogs. My greetings and regards for you all. Adieu for now.

P. c. – My daughter.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

43 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Friends!

  1. Happy Friendship Day, Mousumiji. Missed your beautiful posts. A teacher’s life is never easy and you are doing a wonderful job of educating our future citizens, some may turn out to be doctors, or engineers. It’s totally understandable. Looking forward to reading more beautiful blogs from you. 🥰🥰🥰🥰♥️

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  2. Hello Mousumi, good to hear from you and about your activities/ life,in general. It’s good to reconnect even if occasionally, given your work pressure. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery, take care and stay well.🌺

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    1. Thanks Diti. We might have never seen each other. But there is indeed a connection! I convey my thanks for your kind wishes on behalf of my husband.
      Wishing health and happiness to you and your family. ❤❤❤

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  3. How lovely to see you back here again, Mousumi. I’ve missed you, your posts and your kind words. Happy Friendship Day to you also. Teachers do an excellent job. They have the responsibility (along with the parents) to instil appropriate knowledge and wisdom into our future adults. It’s a huge undertaking, and you must be very dedicated. I admire all teachers – it’s such hard work. I do wish your husband well and hope that he is soon in less pain and starting to heal from his injuries. Take care of yourself, Mousumi, we will all be here when you do have time to write more. Xx 💜🤗💚

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    1. Thanks a lot Ellie. It’s indeed very gratifying to have such sweet and encouraging words from you. I always try my best to instill good values and thoughts in the hearts of children along with imparting education. It feels really good when they respond positively. It feels worth it.
      Thanks again on behalf of my husband. My warm regards to you ❤

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  4. Mousumi, it’s good to hear from you 🙂 Teaching is a demanding profession, especially when you seek to be the best you can be. I hope that your hubby finds the treatment he needs for his lower back pain. Years ago, in Brazil, I had a successful surgery done for removing a herniated disc.

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  5. Mousumi, I can very well understand you role as a teacher, home maker and also you’re managing successfully both the roles along with take care of your husband. My best wishes to you 💖. Take 💅


  6. Teachers have a very busy life! Good to see you around Mousami after a long time❤️

    Also, I wanted to ask if you are interested for the interview for the candid series I Have on my blog

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      1. I have done some interviews simultaneously and some by giving the full questionnaire at once and the other person can answer in leisure either through Gmail, insta or whatsapp…whatever you are comfortable with!

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  7. Hi Mousumi! I’m so happy that you’ve been creatively engaged. You’re a giver and I’m sure that you must be enjoying you’re teaching job! Happy Friendship day to you as well!

    Nice featured pic! 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot, Harshi, for such a delightful comment. I am loving the job of teaching but other jobs related to it are so time consuming that I am unable to write or read your blogs in regular basis. Though I’m trying hard to establish a balance.
      I just don’t want to stop interacting with all the dear blogger friends like you ❤️ My regards and best wishes ❤️ ♥️ 💕

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    1. Thank you very much. All this appreciation of yours keep me going on with my writing. I value the friendships with you all very much.
      By the God ‘s blessings my husband’s disc problem has been controlled to a large extent , by the regorous regimen of physiotherapy and exercises. Thanks again for your kind concern. My regards to you ❤


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