The Art of Acceptance

I have  no methods; all I do is accept people as they are — Joan Rivers
Hello friends,  greetings to you all. In our day to day interaction with people we come in contact with, we tend to get unhappy on the  pretext of seeing a slightest anomaly in the behavior of others.  We fret and complain and remain hurt for days but does it serve any purpose other than making us depressed.

A few days ago, in school, all the teachers were neck deep in doing paper works after the children were dispersed for the day. Me and another teacher were present at the cubicle. To break the monotony, teachers are used to indulge in small chit-chats. One of my colleague, that day was going more inquisitive, asking personal question she shouldn’t have.

In general she is very polite but apparently she had some issues about my starting the job of teaching so late. She would often quiz me with personal details. I used to be patient with her and replied to her in kind. That time, she had crossed her limit. Without going deep into the conversation, suffice is to tell that she asked whether my husband has retired or not, in a bid  to ascertain how ancient I am, knowing perfectly well that he has not.

Friends,  as I told you earlier that while dispensing my responsibility as a class teacher,  I am no less agile than the likes of her, who is just 26. I was lot more friendly and affable too, towards her and used to consult her while preparing any official document due to her being more experienced than me. She took it as my weakness, and dared to take such liberty. I knew, this time if I let things lying down, it would go on tormenting me for a very long time.

I just replied with calm but stern voice that I accept that she is a lot more intelligent than me but I am wise enough to understand what she meant by her inuendo. Than I added that we all have come here to work not to ask unnecessary personal questions. The import of my words had struck home and she immediately fell silent.

I maintained my gravity filled silence for some more time, but knew that this couldn’t go on. So gradually I started responding to the general conversation. Now, it is more than obvious that the young lady has understood her boundaries and I accepted her as the way she is for the welfare of the peace of my mind.

Hope you liked to read this one. Do tell me about your views regarding the acceptance of people as what they are.

See you again, adieu for now.

Pc – me!

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An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

26 thoughts on “The Art of Acceptance

  1. Awesomeness, Mousumiji. We have to be polite but firm to refuse answering personal questions. You are right to put her in her place but accept the way she is. It shows your wisdom as a teacher. Very proud of you.

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  2. It’s great you were able to answer her back calm and reasonable and carry on a conversation
    Maybe she just wanted to get to know you more and was genuinely interested in your background
    But at the end of the day you are not going to be friends out of school and she should mind her own business

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    1. Thanks Ellison. You see being inquisitive to a point is ok but when the prying seems to be going on and on, it becomes very disagreeable. Particularly when the person in question is not your intimate friend. Hopefully she doesn’t resort to this kind of tactics in future. We do have to work together as a team!


  3. Madam,
    Rightly pointed out the odd practice of asking irrelevant and purely personal questions to someone without being very intimate.
    You have done well by showing your gravity and personality.
    However, such people do not get them rectified. Why they poke their nose into other’s business[ personal territory] ??
    Thank you for bringing this post with good lessons.
    Hope everything fine there. Long time, I am away from blogging due to my cataract surgery about two weeks back. Just started responding to the replies/comments.
    Regards madam

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    1. Thank you, Sir, for your kind support. 🙏
      Hope you have fully recuperated by now, from the surgery.
      Things have become very hectic at my side too. But trying my best to remain connected.
      My warm regards to you too.🙏🙏🙏


    2. To me, it is a matter of the motivation behind the words. One who asks in genuine interest is much more acceptable than one, like this one, who was clearly felt and perceived to be a manipulator, having ulterior selfish motives for asking.

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  4. Good post, Mousumi. Previously, there used to be a lot of respect for older people in our country and also basic courtesy. It’s a pity that we’re gradually losing that tradition now and it’s also more the norm than an exception. Your handling of the situation was very commendable.👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. You know what, Diti, some younger ones are not feeling comfortable, when the older ones are breaking the stereotype and doing the same job as them equally well. So they behave such a way just to undermine the other ones ability. They should be firmly put into their place, if they are transgressing.


      1. Absolutely, Moushumi. Probably comes from insecurity. Age isnt a limiting factor from any angle, these days. One can do anything at any age if one wishes to , particularly if one has a strong interest, ability and desire to do so. And that’s the reality.

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  5. Dear Mousumi,

    I read your post when you shared it and liked it very much. Please, forgive me for leaving you a comment at that time. I’ve had a lot to cope with during the last couple of days and, as usual, have so many blogs to catch up with. One of these days, I shall catch up with myself!

    I really admire your attitude towards this prying and somewhat rude woman. You showed her that you would not tolerate her attitude, but at the same time, you kept your composure and manners. I’m glad you were able to assert yourself and that she got the message and hopefully, now respects you more.

    Boundaries are so important. They are something I’ve struggled with in the past, as in a previous experience, I had a professional relationship with a person who attempted to smash my boundaries to bits. I was younger at this time and was unable to assert myself then. I’ve learned better now and am much better at keeping my boundaries appropriate to the person I am dealing with.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable lesson and important post. Ellie xx

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  6. Thanks Ellie. Such encouraging comments makes me squeeze time and connect with all of you through my blog.
    You see, it always happens with most of the young people that they fail to respond adequately with such toxic people due to lack of experience and go on to sulk feeling hurt for days and sometimes years or a lifetime.
    For our own peace of mind, the best way is to deal with such behavior, then and there and move on. So that the person gets the right message to be careful afterwards and never dare to bother you again.


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