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Lets be the harbingers of social change.

Hello friends, we humans are very mindful of our social rights, do we give the same importance to our responsibilities? Not always. The general tendency is to harp upon the ruling government about all the malady, the society is infested with. Do we ever try to rectify it by ourselves? Be it the matter of  keeping our area clean instead of waiting for all the dirty work to be undertaken by the municipality or the municipal corporation. When the amount of particulate matter is so high that the respective High Courts  have to issue a verdict of banning the firecrackers duriing the Diwali festivities. Why then state governments have to use it’s entire police force and the loud speakers to plead us to refrain from bursting them? Isn’t it our responsibility to refrain from it on our own accord.Yet there are many people out there who act as social vigilante, we must all strive to join the group en masse to keep the light of social change burn brightly. I will give you two examples:

The first one is from a locality in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Where we recently went for a family visit.The municipality there, was in the process of replacing an old calvert over the side drain joining the main drain, across the road. You can imagine, how bothersome the process was for the residents of that area. We couldn’t keep the car in our garage, instead it was kept in the open at the main road. The pace of work was very slow and the material used, looked substandard to the common eye. But nobody seem to have any problem with it At last the concrete were laid and work came to an end. A few midsized boulders were laid to prevent the trespassers from trampling over the newly laid concrete. To my surprise people started walking over it overlooking the impediment of the boulders. The next morning was our departure time, we all trudged our luggage to the main road to set it in our car. When we were finally about to board, we saw a tractor filled with iron rods was approaching to cross the new calvert. With bated breath, we looked on, the tractor stopped, the helper nonchalantly got down, removed the boulders and the vehicle sped on. In the broad morning light, nobody deemed it necessary to object to the atrocity done to the freshly laid calvert. It can be anybody ‘s guess, regarding the longevity of the same.This evident apathy towards public works must change for the real progress of the society.

The second example is in Kolkata, where in a public park, an illegal construction was being  erected to make a knee deep artificial pool for the Chhat devotees. The regular morning walkers lodged a strong protest against it and the construction  immediately stopped. In Behala the residents of a colony  came together to set up a committee to keep their locality clean, on their own. Seeing this the local MLA came forward to extend her cooperation.

Friends the above example do give us the ray of hope that each individual can be the harbinger of change for the society to flourish. All we need is  a little proactiveness on our part.
Wish you all stay happy and safe, and happy Dhanteras!
Adieu for now.


The Family Reunion post Corona!

Dear friends, wish you all happiness and good health. As l related to you earlier that we got to spend the Puja holidays at my in-law’s place and that is Bhagalpur in Bihar.This time, when pandal hopping was out of the picture, the long awaited family reunion saved the day for all of us. The surfeit of merry making, laughter and the thrill of offering pushpanjali(flower offering) together to Mother Goddess at the eighth day(Ashtami) of the festivity, while  all the family members  donning the best of new clothes at home, never allowed to make any dent to our enthusiasm.

Me with my mother and sister in law.

It was indeed our privilege to spend the holidays with my octogenarian mother in law, who is absolutely Mother Goddess personified! Besides her the families of my younger brother in law and three sister in laws made up such a huge number that we all were practically overwhelmed with delicious food, non stop chatter, and incessant ‘adda’ sessions over hot teacups and bevy of snacks. The atmosphere at home was so electric and relaxed at the same time that we all savored each and every moment of our reunion, specially when it happened after a long stretch of gloom and doom called Coronavirus pandemic.
Friends, I observed a curious thing in more or less every person I happenned to meet there,their  perspective towards life has undergone a perceptive change. As it’s quite normal in every family, that one might feel a bit reticence towards the other, due to some grievances or misunderstandings. The corona enforced confinement had made everybody to do some realtime reflections and more or less came to the conclusion that all such pettiness are indeed  futile. All seem to be beaming, getting together and having a blast.One relative quipped that she was seeing her husband laughing loudly for the first time after the lockdowns.

Children having fun.

The added benefit this time over was that all the children of the family were present in the nest. They enjoyed the union in their own way. Whether enjoying a homemade sandwich party at the Sandis grounds during morning walk , visiting banks of river Ganga or merely playing cricket at the backyard, they were for once away from their ubiquitous mobile phones and happy too at that! The cousin sisters(the daughters of mine and my sister in law) also cooked delicious meals for us. But the high point of the reunion must be the impromptu dance session in which all including me with two left feet danced.The most surprising moment was when my eldest sister in law,who is above sixty and undergoing physiotherapy for footache, joined in and danced with us to her hearts content.

See, this family reunion taking place after such a long mental, physical and economic hardship tasted far sweeter than it normally do.Now it’s up to us to keep the love and affections for each other kindled in our respective hearts forgetting the inherent quarrels and misunderstandings. It should be the emotional backbone on which we can fall back on in the time to come and make each other stronger. Stay united.
Adieu for now.

Patisaptas: a sweet cuisine of Bengal.

Friends, today I would like to introduce you to a special Bangla delicacy ,which I vouch, every Bengali  might call it their favorite.  It’s ‘Patisapta’ a pancake like concoction with a lip-smacking filling of sweetened ‘khoya'( dried condensed milk).Some scraped coconut and date jaggery add another zing to the filling. These patisaptas are generally prepared in ‘posh sankranti’ which falls on 14th or 15th January. The chill in the air provide a perfect foil to savour the cuisine to the hilt! But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them some other time of the year.

In fact when my eyes fell on a packet of instant khoya in a super store, I immediately latched on to it, keeping patisaptas in mind. My entire household is a die hard fan of the sweet dish, by the way. So one evening, afterwards, I took half litre of milk, added some 400 gms of refined flour( maid) and two tablespoon of semolina (suji),made a thick batter and kept it aside. Next, in a pan I poured 100ml of milk, put it on stove, then gently added the broken pieces of khoya into it. Stirred it continuously till the khoya melted, added sugar to it,as required. Switched off the burner when it reached stuffing consistency. We can add sraped coconut and date jaggery into it. As it were unavailable,  I decided to skip it.

After giving a standing time of one hour, to the batter, added a little water to make it lump free, pouring consistency. Then heated  a frying pan in medium  heat, drizzled some oil into it and poured a ladle full of batter on to it. Spreading them carefully with the back of the ladle to give it a circular shape. When it turns light brown from both sides put a line of filling at the middle and fold it. The patisaptas are ready!

Friends,  if it’s served with a bowl of liquid date jaggery (nolen gur) which is available in any super store in tube form, turns real heavenly. Luckily I had some in my fridge. Till it’s served on the dining table, all the members of my family, were restless to taste it. The end result you can easily guess! They absolutely went gung – ho over it, relishing each and every bite they took. What more a cook can ask for, I was thoroughly satisfied with my latest venture.

If you want to surprise your family then do go for it.I can safely assure you of its magnificent outcome. Wish you all happy trial and tasting too! Do let me know if any of you actually tried.
Keep cooking up storm in your kitchen.
Adieu for now.

A way home.

Hello friends, the good news at last, the Coronavirus infections have peaked and the curve is steadily going down wards. Is there any room for complacency, no absolutely not! We all need to remain as cautious,  as we were, regarding the safety rules of social distancing, mask and hand washing. The festive season is round the corner, any drop of guard on our side can call back the devil again at our door step. The fierce rise in second wave in Europe and elsewhere is anything to go by. Nevertheless  we can breathe somewhat easily and look forward expectantly towards  Durga Puja, Navratra or Dussehra whatever you happen to celebrate. It’s also the time, we all like to give our respective homes, a make over. What about a make over to our attitude towards life itself and fellow human beings. No body can deny that the last few months’ doom and gloom made us feel a lot miserable but not anymore. We all acutely need course correction, about our perspective towards life. We must learn to believe that mankind is gonna triumph at the end. The victory of good over evil.

Friends, in my last post, I tried to emphasize, how the institution of a family can be our support system, a spring board to bounce back from any adversity.As I earlier said, a big luxurious house doesn’t make a home sweet home, the people living in it,do. The delicate balance of understanding each other’s need and compatibility make a home an abode of solace. I would like to categories the way to home sweet home in three parts:
1. Couple dynamics :  The relationship between the couple is the chief determining factor in establishing a bench mark of how a prospective home would look like. I have actually witnessed a few couples who spent their life time bickering with each other, in every pretext,thus making the life of other family members  a living hell, as well as their own. When they are destined to live together then why not make a sincere effot to amend and adjust each other’s likes and dislike and sensibilities. Make each other’s opinion count. Don’t do anything just to spite the other. If the couple do have issues and happen to fight, keep the elders and children out of it’s ambit. Those abusive and hateful words we tend to utter in anger, hurt a lot to the witnesses and idea of sweet home go for a toss. No matter how quickly you made up afterwards, these skirmish leave a lasting impressions on unpolluted hearts of the little ones. If couples succeed to present a loving and caring relationship with each other, the children would feel safe and happy and it goes on to ensure their emotional well-being. Do give it a try. If not for the sake of your self then at least fer them, leave your ego and baggages behind, reconcile and start afresh.

2. Parents  children equation : Children are like tiny sapling, if properly and carefully nurtured, grow to become like a stout tree,not only physically but mentally as well. What  they really need is equal proportion of love and disciplining. In current atmosphere parents have to more than double up as friends and emotional anchor, to sail through the upheavals , safely to the shore. You see, I have become a BTS (a Korean music band) fan and equally like to laugh my heart out on the antics of stand up comedians like Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart etc to give company to my daughter and son respectively. It indeed allows me to spend quality time with them. My husband  also tries his best to keep himself abreast to what’s going in our children’s lives, despite his busy work schedule. So, they don’t feel any reticence in discussing almost everything with us.A friendly and encouraging atmosphere is what they need to express themselves without any inhibitions.

3. Home ambience :  As home has added up to become office, schools and colleges, it has become imperative to make some changes. First, get rid of any furniture or article we don’t likely need to make a clutter free space. Add as much greens and flowers, no matter, real or imitation and some potpourri, it will make your heart blooming and fresh all the time. When I insist my children to tidy up their rooms,  my son replies exasperately, “Momma, no guests are coming,then what is the need?”He     consider me obsessed with cleaning and fails to see the logic of how a tidy home soothes the frayed nerves

So friends, let us try our best to make our homes beautiful by exerting ourselves physically as well as mentally so that it can radiate in our souls. Happy living to all of you.
Adieu for now.

All pics taken by me.

Bounsi: an off the grid getaway

Friends, life is slowly but surely clawing back to normalcy. People are learning to enjoy going out, once again, relishing every minute of it. I will tell you about an impromptu get away enjoyed by the families of my brother and sister in law, who live in Bhagalpur, Bihar.They enjoyed  a wholesome homemade food picnic at a place called Bounsi, a quaint little town, which is about one hour drive from Bhagalpur. The main attraction of Bounsi is the famous Mandar Hill and other temples, ashrams beside surfeit of lush greenery and serenity. I loved the natural beauty of the place so much, in the photographs, they sent, that I immediately decided to tell you about it.

Pic ctsy: Ashutosh Mukherjee, my brother in law.

The Mandar Hill has a special place in Hindu mythology. Once the Gods and demons had a pact to churn the ocean for the pot of ‘amrita’ which would make them immortals. They used Seshnag (a  giant snake)  and the Mandar hill as a churnig apparatus. A lot of tugging and pulling on both sides the pot of ‘amrita’ finally emerged along with the a pot of poison. On request, Lord Shiva dispensed with the poison by swallowing and keeping it in his neck that’s why, he come to be known as ‘Neelkantha’ (the blue necked). Anyway, now on the matter of, who will get the first taste of ‘amrita’, the demons insisted on first use. To rescue the Gods  from this dilemma, Lord Visnu took the guise of a ‘mohini'(bewitching lady) and ordered both the warring sides to sit in a serial order. She started to pour the immortal juice from Gods side,meanwhile sending sweet smiles on demons way, signaling to be patient, their turn would come. With the last of the Gods, the ‘amrita ‘ finished making them immortals, leaving the demons empty handed. Realizing that they had been thoroughly fooled ,they were left with no other option than retreating to ‘patal lok’, their original abode.

Friends, you might be wonderig the Mandar Hill so far away from the ocean, how it was utilized. That the story  happened millions of years ago before the tectonic shifts changed the shape of land masses. The tiny hill we now see is the weathered version of the original Mandar. The believers insist that the traces of Shesnag which was used as pulling rope is still present at rocks of the hill. Beliefs aside if somebody is nonbeliever, the person can equally enjoy the short trek up to the top of the hill. The view from the top is breathtaking. The lush greenery., temples and tanks enhance the view many folds. If one has homemade delicacies with them, so much, the better. The trek down will  whet the apetite substantially, that the food would taste like, ‘amrita’ itself!

In the hind side,as a common practise, a lot of unplanned and haphazard shops  have come up at the foothills to cater to the tourist. Thus spoiling the look to an extent. The state government must take steps to provide all the amenities  to the tourists without encroaching on the pristine view.  They must come up with well laid out plan before it’s too late to salvage the situation.
See, this smaller getaways, indeed recharge the cells of our mind as well as the body. We tend to feel refreshed and energetic to take on the grind called life. So make up your mind and venture out on smaller trips around your city or town, taking all the safety measures  to keep the tangle of pandemic at bay. Enjoy.

Adieu for now.

Let’s Fill the Pot Called Sustainable Living.

Friends,  in my previous blog,  ‘Fight for Better and Safe Future’, I talked about a Third  World War.  But this time the participants would not be the militaries of  the Nation but all the common  citizens of the world . The common enemy isn’t very tough to guess, yes, it must be the global warming and the ensuing climate change. Folks  the issue has become such red hot matter of concern that we can no longer brush it under the carpet terming it as mere rhetoric of the environmentalists. The evidence of frequently occurring natural calamities in gigantic proportions is very hard to negate. We just can’t shirk our responsibility by pleading that that  what we can possibly do as anindividual, only the government has the prerogative  to rectify the circumstances.

There is a hindi proverb, ‘akela chana bhar nahi forh sakta’ that means a single chik pea can’t break the clay pot. Yet there is  another, ‘bund bund se hi gharha bharta hai’, that means the drops of water eventually fills a pot. What I wish to convey that our individual small efforts  could also bring positive changes in the scenario. We shouldn’t be cynical or pessimistic about the prospects but need to act. These are my suggestions:-

1. We must strive to reduce thermally generated power consumption as much as possible. Less consumption means less production of  coal generated power, smaller carbon footprint.
2. Limit the use of Air Conditioner to a bare necessity. Even if we can afford higher electric bills,  the CFCs released by ACs are a fair contributor to global warming.
3. We must cook or order as much food as required, because the waste food end up in open dumping yards, releasing methane , which is again a greenhouse gas, resulting in increasing the average temperature of the earth.
4. We must ensure that the housing society, standalone apartments or the private houses, we happen to live in must have the composte pits which not only prevents, methane gas to escape, it will provide us organic manure too. At the same time, diligently make sure all the biodegradable waste reaches its destination.
5. We must jointly finance for the installation of solar panels  on the rooftops to tap the renewable energy for our use.
6. Limit the purchase and use of fossil fuel generated personal cars. If possible opt for E- cars.
7. Limit the consumption of red meat, which not only gives us bad cholesterol  the livestock are the source of increasing  carbon footprint.
8. We must avail the carpool whenever possible.
9. We must ensure the washing machine or the dishwashers fully loaded before using them.
10. Avail airtravel when it’s absolutely necessary,  the private airline companies must make a deal to adjust each other’s passengers in their flight, so that the planes don’t have to fly half empty

So friends,  let me know  whats your take about this. We must spread the awarewness to the best of our abilities.  Let’s  share the drop of water to fill up the pot called sustainable living.
Adieu for now.

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Fight for Safe And Better Future.

Friends,  however the statistics may indicate otherwise, regarding fresh Coronavirus infections  but life itself is limping back to normalcy. The ample proof of that is the children  turning up again at the small municipal playground right beside our housing complex. Although each one of them donning the  ubiquitous mask.Untill few days ago, the park cum playground used to bear an eerie silence just like giant’s garden in the Oscar Wilde story as I mentioned in my earlier blog, ” The old normal childhood”. I used  to feel  so dejected, seeing it devoid of the boisterous shouting of the playing children. Their gentle begging to the security guards of our housing society, to return back the ball which, inadvertently , used to cross the barrier  wall, in between.

I actually breathed a sigh of relief, seeing them back in their old turf, yet something was conspicuously lacking, when I observed more carefully,  the children’s natural flare for the play was somewhat impeded by their act of adjusting the mask from time to time and to maintain a safe distance from each other. I felt acute guilt on behalf of all the discerning adults, for failing to provide  them carefree environment,  compelling them to live under the reign of perpetual stress and fear. Do they deserve it? Absolutely not but are forced to bear the consequences of our own follies and wreckless activities.

When the teenaged, Swedish environmental activist , Greta Thunberg,thundered in previous UN General Assembly,” How dare you destroy our future “.The President of the super power country, evidently scoffed at her. But wasn’t she spot on, in her assessment and due admonishment! The nature playwright had since then scripting havoc over the survival of mankind, one after the another. If we discount the more than regular devastating occurrence of cyclones,  typhoon,  tornadoes and the floods. The humankind is evidently finding itself helpless to sort out the mess like wild fires  in Australia in the recent past and now raging unabated in California, Oregon and Washington in America and of course the Amazon fire in Latin America. The top of it , the mother of all, the Coronavirus pandemic which has left humanity clueless regarding how to deal with it.

The American Wildfires

This kind of present  we are finding ourselves in, have we ever imagined, leave alone, the future! All the countries of the world , were blithely persuing arms race, economic dominance by over industrialization, research and development of deadly biological and chemical warfare and boasting their invincibility, are now almost surrendering to the ruthless dictates of nature.

We must all consider this as the Third World War and fight unitedly to mitigate the crisis. We have to jointly fight to avert all the perils looming over mankind. Does anybody need the reminder that we are the sole known planet to harbor life. Wa all have to go the extra mile to ensure safe future for our children, we just can’t afford to fail them, can we?
Let ‘s all endeavor to make the world safe and better place to live in
Adieu for now.

The Strange Case of a Snake and a Beauty cream Tube

Friends,  you must be wondering what a snake is doing  with a beauty  cream tube. I was equally astounded after coming to terms with the  facts. Actually,  one morning,  during  my daily ritual of going through  fresh and crisp newspaper with a tea cup in my hand, suddenly my attention was caught by a strange  piece of a video news clip running on a Bangla news channel.  My curiosity knew no bounds to see a snake,  at least five feet long, lying immobile near a tea stall at a place near Siliguri. Thanks to the handy mobile camera, some amateur reporter was  taking the footage. When it focused  more on the snake, the matter came to light that it was suffering  from perforated gut which was caused by the non other than an empty beauty cream tube, poking through the punctured wound. The snake had apparently swallowed the tube,  mistaking  it for it’s prey.
More it slipped into it’s gut,more the sharp, pointed  edges of the end of the tube ,cut open its gut. The snake may have died a slow, painful death but credit goes to an animal lover who took up the hopeless case of rescuing the unfortunate creature. He promptly held it up and carried the injured to a local veterinarian. The rest of the event was no less amazing!
The kind docter wasted no time to operate on it’s patient. The tube stuck in the snake ‘s gut was carefully taken out, the scarred gut and the outer skin sutured and bandaged. My heart warmed to see the snake wriggling  albeit gingerly when it came to it’s full sense. The news clip ended with the good doctor, the savior,  assuring that he will release the invalid after its full recuperation  under his watchful observation!
You see, its the folly of human of scattering their garbage here and there, mindlessly , which drove the animal to the brink of a torturous death, and it were others of their clan, whom took it upon themselves to give it a new lease of life. We are the destroyer and some of us are the rescuers too!
Now it is absolutely upon us to ensure the other living neighbors of the earth get a sustainable and safe habitat to thrive on, its indeed essential for our survival too. Let’s treat the earth and other dwellers  with more humane approach. Keep spreading the act of kindness  and happiness all around instead of the virus,  as they are highly infectious too! Keep smiling
Adieu for now.

My Day Out.

Hello friends its time to tell you how I enjoyed my open air freedom after such a long time, ofcourse it doesn’t match with the pre- pandemic liberties we were so used to take. The occasion was my son’s on centre All India Engineering Entrance Examination (Jee Main), which was held yesterday. I along with my husband and son reached the venue in Salt Lake, Kolkata, well in time with alot of trepidations and apprehensions due to Coronavirus. Debates can go on regarding the viability of the examination, yet it was long overdue and a lot of youth’s prospects would have been in jeopardy, if postponed any further,as the problem of pandemic isn’t going to go away any time soon. Thank God  and our government for sticking on the scheduled days. Anyways, after depositing my son in his  test centre, me and my husband had all afternoon to ourselves to roam around ,till his exams were over. We felt like two freed birds albeit in a  mask.Think what! it was no less than a rainbow with which the nature has welcomed us back in it’s folds.

Initially it rained very hard and we enjoyed it sitting  inside our car listening to soulful music and viewing the falling haze of rain. Eventually  it came to a stop allowing us to venture out.The place was basically an office lane,the offices of big companies and banks were spread all over. All the eateries were solely to cater to them which  came handy for us also. I saw a lot of parents moving gingerly or enclosed themselves entirely in the confines of their cars obviously in fear of infections. Our car was duely forgotten on its parking as we decided to explore the place as I don’t see any point of remaining in prepetual terror and stop enjoying the life altogether. We must dare with care without being wreckless.
I felt like a college going girl with a handy boyfriend in toe! Although I never got to roam around like that, originally, as I was married off during my college years. No regrets,  friends, I bought a lot of snacks and sat with him in the marbled pavement of an office, munching and talking our time away. Then I caught the sight of a old man with a mask preparing ‘ litti chokha’ in traditional way at his stall. It is a famous  Bihari  food made with wheat flour dough stuffed wite spiced gram flour and then baked over a charcoal grill. Itis served with mashed potatoes (chokha) after being dunked in  ghee(clarified butter). With great enthusiasm I ordered a plate as my husband is reluctant to try out street food . Guess what, he was the one who finished off almost half of the plate. It was really tasty and healthy too. It was then lassi time which is an Indian  cold drink made with thick curd, sugar and dried fruits laced with a hint of saffron.

We enjoyed all of it, following, all the safety protocol of sanitizing our hands and social distancing,  among the office going lot, meandering about in their lunchbreak. It felt really  liberating and on top of that a gorgeous rainbow appeared across the horizon which  took my breath away. We kept on gazing at the beauty of it, but barring a few  like us, most of them remained oblivious and went on their way, as if nothing unusual happened and forgo the chance to admire the grandeur of nature.
The point is, if we don’t steal some happiness and fun from the mundane things of life, it will throw us into the grasp of sadness and depression. We must learn to actually smile and laugh instead of showing the fake one to the world. Keep yourself happy and safe.
Adieu for now.

Malpuas by Chance.

Friends, my last few blogs dealt with some heavy duty topics like anger, jealousy, hunger etc, so I felt its time to talk about something lighter and that is making of ‘malpuas” and that too without its season. I think  more or less every Indian must be acquainted with this sinfully sweet delicacy prepared with frying batter of refined flour and milk with added assortments like raisins, dried dates and coconut pieces and mashed ripe bananas then dunk it in sugar syrup. The ripe bananas is the main  protagonist in our sweet  story! Actually, a few days back, my better half brought home, a dozen of bananas, while returning from office, which he bought  earlier in the day and that too wrapped in a ubiquitous polythene carry bag, in spite of my duly furnishing him with cloth bag , in his office bag.  Old habits  die-hard,  “never mind”, he says non chalantly and matter of factly, that, I can’t  alone bring down the use of polythene bags . Let the debate wait for some other time, we should not transgress, we were talking about ripe bananas.

You could easily imagine, what would have happened to those hapless bananas! Kept for so long trapped in confines of a polythene bag. They were so over ripe that they could be relegated to non edible stage very soon. I  made all the four members of my family, devour six of them immediately. As they all know I’m dead against wastage of food, they readily complied. Now it was the matter of employing the remaining six of them, in  banana bread, smoothie were the options but suddenly the idea of malpuas struck my mind. The malpuas are so inherently connected with ‘Holi”, the festival of colours that making them some other time of the year is like out of season.

The preparation started in right earnest, fortunately, in this complete lockdown days in Kolkata,  all the other ingredients were present at home, specially the  milk and refined flour. I took half liter of milk and two cups of flour and two tablespoon of semolina, mixed the cut dried fruits, I mentioned earlier and the mashed bananas into it and kept the batter aside for half an hour. Then prepare a light sugar syrup, adjusted the consistency of the batter with adding water as required. The batter should be thicker than that of pancakes and yet pouring consistency. Rest of the process is simple, deep fried  the ladle full of batter in a large woke untill golden brown, in medium heat, then dipped them in the sugar syrup. Picked it out after sometime and the ritual continued.
The end result was simply marvelous! The malpuas tasted  heavenly! My husband and daughter are such ardent fan of malpuas that they kept on hovering around the kitchen,  after finishing their allotted qoutas of the delicacy. Swearing to do extra bit of work out (which they seldom follow) managed to wangle the remaining malpuas, blaming the other one all the time of eating  more. Isn’t it endearing to see two grown ups behaving like kids! Thanks goes to malpuas that in this gloomy time we found something to smile and relish.

So, friends, try to make something out of the box and sweetly surprise your family members . I vouch for it to be a great mood enhancer which we acutely need  at this juncture. Hopefully the pandemic situation improves till the Durga Puja festivities starts in October. Let’s all pray to Mother Goddess to keep her children safe and healthy.
Adieu for now.