The Antics of My Grown-up Kids – 2

Hello friends, here I am with another episode of the Antics of My grown-up children. There might be a plenty of them in the memory disc of parents, some of them  are worth mentioning. In my last blog, I told you about my daughter, this time it’s about my son, who has just freshly bid adieu to his teen years.

As for my boy, for the most part of the time, he is at home,(as long as he is awake), there is a headphone always tucked over his years. So most conveniently he prefers not to listen to half of the things I ask him to do. For another half I have to repeat several times to get it done.

Most often than not the rest of the three of us prefer to do it ourselves instead of nagging him and wasting our time. It’s fine with him too! Afterall he is the youngest in the family and likes to enjoy it’s perks.

To tell you a secret, I still have to feed him veggies, otherwise he wouldn’t touche them with his own hands. He calls them fodder, fit for cattles! For the sake of vital vitamins and minerals I am yet to drop the habbit. My daughter adds that after his marriage, he would still look for his mother to consume his veggies!

Once, an object from the dressing table fell to the ground,  me and my son happened to be standing there at the time. We both checked out the thing. Moments passed, no body moved. Owing to  my impatient nature, he was pretty sure that I would be the first to pick it up. But not this time!

When the expected, didn’t happen, he wondered and looked at my face and found me gazing at him sternly. The next moment he relented with an embarrassed smile on his face and bent over to pick the creme tube up and put it back on the dressing table. I couldn’t prevent myself from breaking out in laughter.

Friends, other than being this laid back and exasperating at home, both are real gems. They cared for us so maturely, when we both came down with Covid and got hospitalised, last year. What more one could have asked for as parents

To tell you about their another sweet gesture, they have gifted me a new cellphone and a wrist watch respectively from their internship money when I joined school. It is really very special for me.

Still, I remain persistent in my effort to reform their erring ways, hope one day I will succeed in that too!

Thanks a lot for reading the post. Wish you all a very happy Father’s Day.

The Antics of My Grown up Kids! — 1

Hello friends, seeing the antics of the little children while growing up, thrill the parents immensely. But sometimes the actions of the grown up kids fill us with glee. As you might know that I have two kids, both have reached adulthood, yet their behavior at home most of the time touches the borders of adolescence, leaving me confused whether to laugh or cry.

To the outside world, they  can be termed as well turned out, but at home they are as laid back as they could. I have distributed some household chores among the two. Like laying the table for lunch or dinner time, filling up the drinking water bottles or clearing up the table after the meal, if they happen to be present at the said time.

Often, I bring the food laden plates to the table, only to find the mats are not laid, or the dining table is not cleared of the tea things . During the meal the bottles would be half empty or no water at all. As I was a hard task master during their study time, so I preferred to be a bit lenient towards their other duties towards the household.

They both know that mother would shout and reprimand them and will do the needful herself. They would make such a sorry face afterwards  that I had to let go of the matter with just issuing a warning not to repeat it in the future. Another thing that I greatly dislike about them that, they would carry their mobile phones to the dining table.

My scolding would stop the habbit for hardly a day or two, then again stealthily they are at it again. Once my daughter was very engrossed in her phone watching the antics of BTS, a K Pop band( she is an  ardent Army!), she stretched her hand to reach the bottle of water without removing her eyes from the screen of her phone.

Her hand was searching, waiting for somebody to hand it over to her, as the object was standing at a distance on the table. I was silently watching the proceedings and she was unaware of it. Then her concentration was broken by my voice, ‘ shoo, shoo…’ . She looked at me bewildered and found me gesturing with my hand as if asking the bottle to come to her.

Then understanding dawned on her and she looked at me sheepishly and the next moment I couldn’t help myself from breaking out into laughter at the hilarity of the situation. She exerted herself to stand up, blushingly, as if she was caught red handed, and leant on the table to grab the bottle.

Friends I must tell you about the antics of my boy in the next post, so stay tuned.
Thanks for reading the post , wising you all health and happiness.
Adieu for now.

Discovering The Lake of Tranquility

Control the fickle mind by restraint of breath. Then it would like a tethered animal, cease to stray.  –  Ramana Maharshi

Hello friends, I have heard somewhere that there are three monkeys whom are needed to be tamed in order to find lasting peace in life. They are mobile, money and mind. All the three can play as mischievous  and truant with us as a naughty monkey, robbing the peace of mind entirely.

I shall talk about mobile and money some other time. The more pressing subject to seek happiness in life is, training the most fickle of them all, that is mind.

In fact, our minds can act as our closest friends as well as the worst enemy. It  depends entirely on how we negotiate the various dark alley of the mind and reache towards light and positivity.

In today’s world, very few people can say that their minds are not bogged down by the burden of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. They are like the toxic pollutants which makes the atmosphere of our mind unhealthy, disturbing the peace of mind.

There is a pristine tranquil lake of profound relaxation and bliss, hidden within all of us. Unfortunately, we are unable to experience it as our mind remains covered with above mentioned toxins and pollutants, thus obscuring the view.

It is quite an arduous journey to discover that blissful and tranquil lake. The endeavor for it, precisely has three stages – concentration,  meditation and mindfulness.

If we can concentrate or discipline our mind on  something, as simple as exhaling and inhaling our breathe, dropping the other pressing thoughts from it’s vicinity, it can become an act of meditation.

It’s indeed another universal truth that our mind is a wanderer, can travel to far off places in a moment and can loose itself in myriad thoughts without ourselves being aware of it. In fact, it’s as difficult to contain it as the passing wind.

Regular focusing on the meditation, leaving the turmoils of daily lives behind, can generate the awareness  of the presence of that elusive lake of peace and calmness within us, and it’s the mindfulness.

The mindfulness while doing our daily chores can also provide us the pure awareness. We don’t need to sit idle to be mindful. If our minds can concentrate on anything, it’s awake. All we need is a strict resolve to practise it and unfold the obscure.

Friends a little exhertion on our part, we can discover that lake of tranquility within us,  diving into which can give us respite from turbulent storms of distressing thoughts and circumstances.

Afterall regular practise, patience and perseverance is the key to all success we seek in life  including winning over our minds.

Let the quest begin in the right earnest!

The Volcano and the Flower

If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?  –  Khalil Gibran.

Hello friends it’s more than 100 days of the war and it’s still raging, killing, maiming and displacing innocent people as well as scores of brave soldiers from both sides. When and how it’s going to end, no body is sure. But one thing is certain that humanity is getting trampled in this mindless violence. I am reblogging my earlier post, on this, the relevance of which is still not lost. So here it is –

If something which has captured the worldwide attention, at present, is the unethical and barbaric invasion of one country by another. We used to surmise that however hard may be the posturing, actually attacking another country in such a savage way, was the possibility of the past expansionist era. Who would have imagined that someone could take the unholy plunge of reducing a peaceful and prospering neighbouring country into a devastating wreck with a hell bent intention to capture its land. In this context I must tell you a story.

It’s about an estranged couple, who had decided in the past, to part ways with more or less mutual consent. Despite living apart, the man used to feel possessive towards his erstwhile wife. On the other hand, the wife had moved on, charted her own course in  building her own life happy and independent.

The problem began, when the wife decided to become a member of the group of neighbors, with whom the husband nurtured a particular malice and dislike. He started threatening his former wife not to align with them. Yet the wife was determined to join them with an aim of furthering her own carreer prospects.

The man cajoled and coarsed her alike to make her fall in line with his dictat of not to have any liason with the club. But the woman was not ready to surrender her free will and independence, the club also assured her that in case of adverse eventuality, they will support her in every possible way.

The situation between the sparring couple became so volatile and explosive that the husband, in a spate of volcanic fury and perceived humiliation, decided to attack her physically. The wife, who had previously relied on the given assurance of the club to protect her, mounted the defence in her own way.

She was expecting to be propped up by the mighty group of neighbors,  but to her utter disappointment and dismay, they never came forward to defend her directly, only providing her moral and covert support. They had turned themselves into mere spectators to the savage act of violence. They feared that they might themselves get harmed by the ruthless man, if they come forward to fight on her behalf. The man started inflicting injuries one after the another on her body to make her own, once again.

The neighbors attempted to make the man to see reason, but the man was adamant. He wanted his wife back, whether she is willing or not. There was a general perception that the woman would capitulate in no time, as the man was  far more mightier than her, but surprise!

The woman decided to fight for her own  honour and dignity. She was mercilessly harmed. Her once beautiful body was scarred and dented yet she courageously put up a resistance to all the brutal use of force to subjugate her. She even striked back with all the vengeance she could muster. Her daunting courage at the face of adversity has made a heroine out of her, drawing all round admiration and praise. The once formidable man is now reduced into an uncouth villain.

Friends, the saga is yet to reache its conclusion. The man might eventually capture her body or some part of it, but can he ever succeed to enslave her soul? Will it satisfy his inflated ego, or the man might atlast come to realise that a woman can’t be won over by brutal force and let her go to live her own life according to her own free will?

We can only hope that the man comes to his senses, that there is no greatness in imposing yourself forcefully on others,  the real magnanimity lies in letting one go who doesn’t want to live with you anymore. The sooner, the better.

Let the lava guzzling volcanoes to cool again and allow flowers to bloom in full glory.

Featured photo courtesy: Riya.

Saving the Crane Eggs!

Hello friends, recently a wonderful piece of news published in The Times of India, Kolkata edition, about the sincere efforts of the viilagers of Gujarat state of India to save the two crane eggs, laid in their farmland. It has made me so happy that I decided to share it with you. The love and affection shown to a Saras crane couple in the family way is truely amazing, as they have turned a one acre agricultural farmland into a makeshift artificial wetlands for the safe keeping of the eggs!

I must tell you that Saras cranes are the endangered species,  whose numbers is feared to have declined to around 600 in Gujarat.

Actually, few days back, a Saras crane couple has taken refuge in the agricultural farm owned by Bachubhai Thakore, of Ganasar village near Sanand, Gujarat. The villagers were brimming with excitement when they discovered two eggs of the birds in the farm. For the past one month, the villagers have done everything possible, in their collective zeal to ensure that the eggs are not harmed.

The eggs need wetlands to survive  and the farm was drying up due to summer heat. So to provide conducive environment to the vulnerable eggs, the villagers first brought waters in pots and buckets, later created  channels to divert water from the nearby canal to create a makeshift, artificial wetland!

They also kept 24×7 vigil to ensure that the eggs are not attacked by the wild animals or dogs. Even they did the harvesting in the plot by hands instead of machines to avoid disturbing the birds. 

The Bachubhai’s farm has become a most frequented spot by the villagers. The entire village is thrilled as the eggs are likely to be hatched anytime next week.

Friends, isn’t wonderful and commendable that people have become so caring towards animals and birds. I have also mentioned to you in my blog post, A Glimmer of Hope, how the villagers of West Bengal have avoided killing a leopard with a cub despite the loss of their cattles in the hands of the wild animal.

The peaceful and healthy coinhabitation of humans, animals and  trees on this earth is the way forward for the sustainable environment. Let’s all make our one and only earth a beautiful place to live!


Hello friends, this morning through Devang’s blog, I become aware that today is World Environment Day. As you know that the matter of preserving our environment is very close to my heart. I have written about it from time to time. The below mentioned post was written in January ‘ 20.

It’s about one and half years since then and tell you the truth I am diligently sticking to my resolution of segregating the trash at the source that in my home. Just tthinkof it, if we all voluntarily separate the degradables from the non degradables, the former can be send for underground composting ( preventing the emission of global warming gas, methane and latter can be directly sent to be recycled without any hassle. So here it is –

It’s  a third Monday of the first month of the year, January, known as ‘the blue Monday’. It’s the day when the festive fatigue set in and one tends to suffer from guilt pangs of  transgressing from the devout path of sticking to those new year resolutions, meticulously made, seldom implemented. We mostly try to assuage our guilt pangs by the consoling words, ‘resolutions are made to be broken ‘.

Not this time for me though, I can proudly inform you that my resolution is already implemented and going steady at that. I have started segregating the non biodegradable waste from the biodegradables generated at my home. It may seem trivial but just imagine if each and every household of the world began doing the same, the man made hills of dumpyards would become the source of organic manure and the microplastics and other toxic substances leaching to our food chain could be solved to large extent.

Non Biodegradable Wastes

You may think, my dreams to be too far fetched to be practical. But if we all put our mind to it, resolutely,  nothing is impossible. Friends if we deduct the ubiquitous polythene carrybags, which is banned in some countries, still the non biodegradable packs of cornflakes , biscuits,  teas, edible oils, toothpastes, detergents,  shampoos and other consumer durables can have the potential of making a hill of their own. A large percentage of them travelling as far down to ocean floor.

If we  try to negate the existence of a large number of child labours involved in rag picking then we might be living in a fools world. They are as real as any sore of poverty infesting our social  stucture. It just breaks my heart seeing those children who should be at school, scouring and rummaging through the piles of garbage in the open dumpyards.

The toxic environment they trudge in, prove fatal for them sometimes, beside the host of disease bearing  germs they get infected with unknowingly. If the plastics and other non bio degradables are already separated from the waste, then collecting them for recycling would become far more easier and less hazardous and it would definitely work wonders for our environment.

We humans are far more amenable to dictats then request. If governments make strict laws towards it then it can become a successful endeavor. But they are so engrossed in tackling the political and economically pressing needs that the matter of environment is evidently last in their minds. Meanwhile if we individually try, a positive change can be brought forth. If we’re sincerely willing. We must create as much awareness as we can. Make people around us see reason and mend their ways.
Don’t you think it’s time to do something about it? I would love to read the inputs from you.

Showing the Way

Give light and people will find their way – Ella  Baker

Hello friends, in one lifetime if you can give proper direction to at least one diverted soul and help him or her to find the right way to their destination, then you can rest assured that you have done your job well as a living being. Sometimes our words or action can have profound impact on the person we are dealing with. If we handle the matter delicately and tactfully, the positive changes are bound to occur. I must tell you my experience with an unruly child, belonging to 5th grade.

You see, when a boy is marked out as a bad or naughty kid after one or two indiscretion on his part, he himself starts believing that he is indeed an unruly boy and go on behaving like one. The teachers are also quite exasperated  by the long list  of the complaints against him, and would deal with him sternly issuing him repeated warnings not to misbehave. But such warnings are hardly ever any deterrent for the kid.

When I joined the school the other teachers cautioned me to be careful with this child. When I got to deal with him, I found that they were absolutely right, he was quite a nuisance. Always on the look out for creating disturbances , harassing and annoying other children. There was a continuous flow of complaint against him. Teaching in this atmosphere was really hard.

With an acquired grave look, for once I stopped teaching and asked the boy to come over to me, at the front. A hush was prevailed on the entire class, all were curious about how the new teacher will punish him. There was a nonchalance and a look of indifference in the boy’s face, as if he is getting ready for the another installment of punishment to be handed out to him.

As he came near, I commanded him in ice cold voice, to stand for  five minutes confronting the students. The boy was taken aback by such a milder pronouncement, no rebuke, no chiding!  I went on teaching as if nothing unusual had happened. After lapsing of the said time, I went near him. The boy was bracing himself for further harsh words from me.

I simply put a hand on his back and and brought my face to his level and asked him to look into my eyes. The boy raised his eyes to meet mine, a look of uncertainty and apprehension in his eyes. With a soft and warm voice I said, ” I hope this is the last punishment given to you ever. I know you are a good boy, from now on you will behave like one and prove every body wrong. Whenever I come to your class, want to hear good reviews from your peers and teachers alike. Will you promise me that?”

I raised my palm and waited for him to respond. For a moment he looked tentatively at me and then towards the rest of the children, then as if he had made up his mind, raised his hand to meet mine with determination writ large on his face and  said, ‘I promise’.

He was so accustomed to getting serially scolded and rebuked by others that he had begun believing himself that he was a bad boy. My gentle assuring words caught him absolutely unawares and it made him putting up the effort to reform his ways.

Friends,  it surprised me  no end that a few soothing words could have such a lasting effect on an adolescent. He has now stopped teasing and hurting other children  and started taking active interest in the proceedings of the class, specially in mine he is more than attentive and will ask questions regarding the subject matter and would actively take part in the discussions. The other children also stopped complaining about him and become more friendly to him.

If he continued to behave as he was doing, maybe after a few years time he might have gone beyond redemption. As the softer clay is easier to mould, the children at a young age are more amenable to reformation, only they require careful and deft handling.

Thanks for reading the post. I wish you all health and happiness.
Adieu for now.

P. c. : My daughter Riya.

The Greatest Validation

What is it this invisible thing that heals all sorrows, reveals all lies and renews all hope? What is it that has always will be, from whose bosom we all came and to which we will all return? Most call it Time. A few realise that it is God.  –  Robert Brault.

Hello friends, hope you all are getting along well with your respective lives. If we pause to reflect,  could see that there is a hidden pattern in all the happiness, sorrows, disappointments,  joys or strruggles the life bestows on us. They are like tests, a continuous appraisal of how we respond to these . Our reactions to these might be the benchmark for the things to come in future.

In all our actions the best motivation comes in terms of validation of our deeds. But the validation from whom? If we crave the validity or recognition of our acts from the people around us, well it may prove quite as elusive as the mirage. The true appreciation and conviction of being in right path must come from within our souls. I must tell you about my recent experiences in this context.

As you might know from my previous posts that my mother in law of nearly ninety years of age is like the fountain of inspiration for me, right from the beginning of my marriage. Her courage, affection, forthrightness, her invincible self confidence, patience and perseverance while negotiating ups and downs, bends and curves of life with noticeable aplomb, had made me a true admirer and a life long friend of her.

The level of understanding and love shared between us is absolutely amazing. For your information, we are four daughter in laws to her in all and I’m the third one. She has two daughters too, whom are elders to their four brothers. But the rapport struck between us during the course of more than twenty five years of association might be the matter of discussion between the other ladies of the family, might be apprehensive too about the real agenda behind my affection and care for her.

Friends, unfortunately a few days back her frail body, due to age, fell down on the way to bathroom. Her legs being unable to bear her weight. As it generally is the case, falling down in old age is bane to the mobility, and she was not the exception. To our utter consternation, she got bed ridden which was always her fear. She is currently living with our eldest sister in law who became tragically alone after losing her husband and only son.

Hearing the news of her fall, we immediately reached their to tend for her after travelling 10 hrs at a stretch by car. It was sheer luck that she didn’t receive any fracture but nevertheless immobile. My heart broke seeing her resigned to bed. During our many telephonic conversation she used to express her wish to be gone while still on her own feet. I used to pray for that too!

For a full one week I attended to her to my best capabilities, changing her nappies, bathing and feeding her. The best thing about her that she didn’t complained for once for her predicament, always boosting my courage that she is gonna be alright once again. Her fighting spirit had indeed bowled me over.

But the crux of the matter is the showdown between me and my eldest sister in law. She might have a clean heart but she has the tendency of getting irritated and displeased with others at the slightest pretext. Everybody seem to bear with her angry words due to her situation. I was also determined to remain indifferent to her hard words. But then, she crossed all her limits and said such hurtling words to me that for once I became too dumb founded to react.

The realisation set in followed by reaction. Here I was expecting some words of praise from her for taking care of her own mother so selflessly, instead I got the brickbat. My face was burning hot and whole body shaking, I just asked her one thing, “What I have done to you that you hurt me so heartlessly?”

The damage was done, my stoic mother in law looked distressed by the ouburst of her tactless daughter of nearly seventy! She just gently pacified me that there is  someone else behind this situation, indicating an instigation from within the family. Without delving deep into the family politics, one thing became obvious that the mutual affection between me and my mothet in law is not taken well by others.

When I went to visit her that evening( we were staying at my youngest brother in law’s place, who lives nearby ), it was incidentally the last evening of our stay as both our leaves was coming to an end. She was sleeping, I knelt down beside her and patted her forehead gently, she opened her eyes and gave me an incredulous stare. In a low voice she said, ‘You have come! I thought you’d not come to see me again.’

Tears started to fall down my eyes, I replied in overwhelmed voice, ‘How can I stay away from you mother. I am not born to you but you are more than a mother to me.’
She gave a meek smile. I raised my hand towards her and said, ‘Promise me mother, when I come to see you again, you shall be walking on your own.’
She looked at me for a moment and slowly but determinedly raised her hand to meet mine. It was the greatest validation I could ever expect.

P. C. : My daughter.

The Command of the Day

Either you run the day or the day runs you. — Jim Rohn

Hello friends, I greet you all with above quote. It’s really very important that we should take control of our lives and lead it on our own terms otherwise we would be compelled to be led by the circumstances surrounding us. A little bit proactivity on our part can do wonders for us. As you might know that last year, at this time we were completely bogged down by the virus. So utterly dispirited and disheartened that it took us almost a year to mentally and physically recover.

To tell you the truth, precisely I was scrambling desperately to come out of the scare, always fearful for the safety, health and well-being of my family, as it might be the case with many others like me. We were practically run over by the Covid and long Covid symptoms.

I had written about my inner turmoils and struggles in The Transformation. I realised that I have to take commands of the course of my life instead of drifting over. Then came the teaching job interview in the month of September, 2021. I went on with it, having lots of doubts and apprehensions regarding my ability to do the job. As the recruitment was from the new session that is from April, 2022, I got the ample time to prepare myself by body and mind to take up the job.

I knew perfectly well, that if I decline, I would remain wallowing in a dark pit of perpetual worry. Because, now I got a lot of spare time to indulge in it, my children being all grown up and getting busy with their own lives.

I started instilling confidence as well as courage within me at right earnest. My family also helped boost my faith on my own capabilities. More the days passed, more I became convinced that I should take up the job.

By mid March, a call came from the school that I have to join school for a week to attend the grooming session, within two days. And the process of aclimatising ourselves to the school setting before the start of the actual session, began. Though fast approaching the age of fifty, I was feeling excited like a fresh appointee of 25! I was all ready to run the day, instead getting run over by it.

During that one week, apart from other things, I also had to rearrange the books, the old and fresh arrivals and catalogue them too, in the library, as a part of assignment given to the trainee teachers. It quite surprised me too, that I was doing such hectic job, like standing up on a chair to arrange books on higher shelves with the same zeal as other young new teachers.

Then came the real interaction with the students, from the start of April. My instant rapport with them was so satisfying that it felt like I have taken the right decision. Though I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my physical abilities, running from one class to another, maintaining logbook, completing lesson plans, setting question papers for the upcoming exams, attending meetings and workshops, still it all felt worth it.

Friends, you see it’s all up to us, regarding taking the command of the days of our lives or let go off the reigns of it and regret it afterwards. If the conviction and faith on ourselves are there on our part, we can proceed with the toughest decisions.

I express my heartfelt gratitude that you have read my blog. I wish health and happiness to you all.

Adieu for now.

In Memoriam, My Mother.

Cover art of my parents, by my daughter (follow her art on instagram-

Hello friends, wish you all a very happy mother’s day. Stay happy and safe and follow all the safety protocols. I am reblogging my earlier post on my mother. Do give it a kind read.

Reminiscing the person, who had given birth to you, what better way is there to mark the day you were born, specially if the aforementioned person is no longer with you. Do I need to elaborate? It may be as clear as a bright morning that I’m talking about Mother, the eternal fountain of life. The very means, you and I exist in this world.

I am certainly not reducing the importance of a father but you see, apart from sowing the seed of life, his physical involvement practiclly ends there in the process of an embryo turning to a full grown baby inside the womb.. It’s the mother who nurtures a unicellular being with her own blood, to raise such an intricatetely woven human form.

Isn’t it magical in itself! A unique phenomenon, beyond explanation. A father has to wait for the birth of the baby to establish an emotional bond but a mother have it right from the conception. She can relate subconsciously to the tiny life form taking shape in her womb. As a mother myself I can frankly assure you that it’s a privilege a woman relishes, despite of all the pains she has to bear during the childbirth and all through. So no pain and a little less gain for the father! What say?

Friends, a girl comes to realise the importance of a mother when she gets married and the actual meaning when she becomes a mother herself. Whan a woman starts juggling with the husband, in laws, household responsibilities, dealing with ever absent house maids,and afterwards the entry of the children , she finally rediscovers what being a mother truly means.

It happened with me too. After marriage I began to bond with my mother in a more substantial way. Before marriage it was as usual mother daughter differences of opinion, the equation altered after the vital change in a woman’s life. I had to share with her each and every new proceedings in my life. She became my friend with whom I could share my joys, griefs and take suggestions.

It was endearing when she also started to give importance to my views and opinions, no longer taking me as a grown up kid as she used to do earlier . I felt truely mature while comining of age. The birth of my children was the means to strengthen the bond furthermore. We understood each other like one soul two bodies. If sometimes she was sad and avoided it’s intimation to me, I invariably became sad, almost like telepathy. I felt ecstatic when any of my deeds brought smile on her face.

You come to realise the true importance of a tooth, when its no longer there to help you chew. I suddenly felt a great void when she abruptly departed us in her sleep more than ten years ago. She was such strong woman that it was beyond my imagination to see her lifeless form. I couldn’t come to terms with her loss, in fact I still don’t. In spite of the passage of so many years, the pain of her turning silent forever is still aching a corner of my heart.

If anything could bring my mother back, just for once, so that I could say a proper goodbye to her. It  might have assuaged me somewhat, but I know it is not to be and it still hurts.

Friends, the above pencil portrait of my parents was gifted to me by my daughter first thing in the morning, on my last birthday. So they say – “The legacy goes on”.

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