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Nature Teacher: Back to Basics.

Hello friends, today I’m reblogging my earlier post published in 25th July 2020. It’s indeed surprising the status quo remains exactly the same after passing of one full year. The topic of the blog stands as relevant as then. Please do have a read. Today, I couldn’t help myself but smile, despite the gloom ofContinue reading “Nature Teacher: Back to Basics.”

The Old Normal Childhood

Hello friends, hope ,  all are bearing the consequences  of Covid 19, with fortitude, adjusting to the new normal with a practical, careful and positive outlook. There is a saying that if you can’t beat them,  join them,  yes,  we have to learn to live with the still indomitable and seemingly imperishable virus around forContinue reading “The Old Normal Childhood”

The Silver Lining

Its so heartening to see more and more people opting to use bicycles, share cabs,bike taxis and carpooling to reach their destinations . Government also pitching in by facilitating detours and signal tweaks for the cyclist to ride safely . This are the silent revolutions necessitated by the advent of Corona virus and the subsequentContinue reading “The Silver Lining”