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Marriage, an Anecdote.

Hello friends! Isn’t it a million dollar question for today’s generation, whether to take the plunge or not! No -no, not in a cold swimming pool or something like that. I actually mean the precipitous decision of getting married or not. There is first compatibility issue to ponder on, beside surrendering lifestyle independence and panderingContinue reading “Marriage, an Anecdote.”

The Atrocities on Men!

Hello friends, if I ask you, “which act of women, their men consider most atrocious ?” The unanimous answer might be a visit to any departmental or retail store, they are tugged along with the women in their lives, she might happen to be his wife , mother, daughter, sister or girlfriend. More the womenContinue reading “The Atrocities on Men!”

The Cook and his Clueless Wife.

Hello friends, in present environment we all seem to be bogged down by the circumstances, one way or the other. Whenever I came across something funny, I always wished to share it with you. We must all have to make an effort to draw as much fun and happiness from life as we could. So,Continue reading “The Cook and his Clueless Wife.”